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Apple is closing many retail outlets due to its COVID-19 operation

Many Apple stores in the US and Canada will not be able to buy for customers on the last holiday. According to Bloomberg, a technology giant has temporarily closed eight locations due to an increase in COVID-19 cases among its employees and employees. Apple often closes stores if about 10 percent of its employees test positive for COVID-19, the press release said.

The following places are closed from Tuesday:

  • Dadeland in Miami

  • Gardens Mall in Palm Beach

  • Lenox Square in Atlanta

  • Cumberland Mall in Atlanta

  • Highland City in Houston

  • Summit Mall in Ohio

  • Pheasant Lane in New Hampshire

  • Sainte-Catherine in Montreal

The company as well Close stores in Hawaii, Maryland, Ohio, Ottawa (Canada) and Texas earlier this month, though it only took a few days. One of its outlets in Miami, however, was closed. The company said so Bloomberg in the words: “We monitor the situation regularly, and we will improve our health practices to serve our customers and employees. We are committed to a comprehensive approach to our teams that combine regular testing and daily health monitoring, staff and customers. masking, deep cleansing and sick pay. “

Perhaps in an effort to attract people to buy online instead, Apple is to give customers “free two-hour shipping on the appropriate equipment inside.” This offer does not apply to “Mac preferences, pre-ordered items … other types of orders including paid orders or bank transfers.” But as long as the trade is fair and available – with holidays and companies still suffering from a shortage of shares, so availability may be limited – buyers can receive their orders for free if they order before 12PM on December 24th.

Apple took action earlier this month following a spate of lawsuits and the release of the Omicron brand. She decided to do it delay his plans for a return to office, scheduled for February, are restored mask requirements in all its stores in the US.

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