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Apple Health increases the ability to share data with doctors and relatives

The Apple Health app finds new features in iOS 15, incorporating a shared approach that allows users to send their healthcare to doctors and relatives, and to receive accurate information about their loved ones. All of this is so secretive that even Apple can’t find it, and users optimize what they see.

When it comes to doctor visits, Sharing is designed to help users provide things they can forget, such as sleeping and exercising. Personally, this section should be especially important for people who care for elderly relatives.


In addition to the shared functionality, Apple is releasing three more features in its Health app: Walking Stability, Performance and detailed lab data specifications. Navigation Stability monitors changes in performance and measurement to determine user risk. The Health Program will send out threatening warnings about potential falls.

Apple Health


The iOS 15 update also adds Trends, a feature that can detect how long it can last on a number of aspects of your health, such as a change of pace or physiology, and a better focus on your goals. In addition, these changes add to the depth of the laboratory information system, including much of the information needed for health problems.

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