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Apple has temporarily suspended the iPhone factory on working conditions

An image of the Mass Food Poisoning event has led Apple to Temporarily Suspend the iPhone Factory

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The company that made your iPhone is in trouble again. According to reports, Apple has terminated its computer contract for a long time, Foxconn, after testing, a factory run by a well-known Taiwanese company accidentally struck hundreds of its employees earlier this month.

The factory, located in India and employs about 17,000 people to make the iPhone 12, was the subject of a series of protests last week after a major food crisis left hundreds of workers in need of medical care, Reuters they say. 159 people he had to be hospitalized and about 250 others were received as temporary migrants because of what had happened. Factory, located in the province of Tamil Nadu, provides accommodation and food for workers, as usual for large industries that require many hours and major changes. Those foods, however, do not seem to be successful.

When they learned that hundreds of their fellow workers were sick from the food produced at the company-sponsored canteen, the factory workers organized a demonstration and later. banned a main road between sections as part of their exhibitions. The demonstrations were not affected by recent developments and factory failures, according to the report. a recent report from Bloomberg. Many of the protesters were arrested.

The whole dispute eventually led to the closure of the factory for several days while government officials inspected the site – and current developments have led to a thorough investigation of the factory’s performance.

As mentioned earlier, Apple has re-established the factory on probation-me meaning it remains closed, until it changes which will solve the problems it has. We reached out to Apple and Foxconn with a few requests to respond to this issue but did not respond.

An Apple spokesperson apparently told TechCrunch that the company “will ensure that our standards are met before the site is opened.” The spokesman added that “some of the remote rooms and dining rooms used for staff do not meet our expectations and we are working with the vendor to ensure that all control systems are operational.”

If you have not followed it, Foxconn is Apple’s largest contractor but it is also it has been seen as a danger to workers ever since to the back as in the days of Steve Jobs. The increase in 14 suicides in 2010 provoked anxiety and outrage.e on the company’s working conditions. Another employee he killed himself in 2012. To prevent further deaths, the company acted very badly set up “suicide nets” (or what it called “jumping nets”) around the edges of its factories and dormitories as a way to deal with its suicidal workers.

The company has consistently promised to improve the lives of its employees – and there have been a number of controversies over how Foxconn is worse than its rivals. However, as recently as 2018, the company he was compelled to do so check out the Chinese factory that makes Amazon Echo Dots and Kindles, after the management team reported that there was violence at the site.

It is also not a good sign that recent demonstrations have been about the Foxconn diet since then, e.g. long ago in the early years of Obama, employees complained that the company’s food tastes like junk food. Yes, a 2012 survey of Foxconn’s more than 35,000 employees indicated that 71 percent thought Foxconn’s food was bad, while nearly half of those surveyed felt that the canteens that distributed the food could not claim to be clean. Now that they have completed their training from harmful to toxic, apparently the company has a job to do.

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