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Apple Exec Introduces Mac Malware Informal Categories Under Promise

The problem of redemption it’s not going well. Instead, it is planning to expand, as cybercriminals have begun to experiment double-click on redemption pages. This works exactly as it sounds; the victims pay a ransom to destroy their files, but only to find that they have been sent by some kind of malware immediately. It’s a hoax, but if recent gods have shown anything, then there are there is no descent on which these groups will lean.

In some extreme cases, Google hosts its annual I / O manufacturers conference this week. Between groups and Wear OS the company outlined some important changes to how Android works on your privacy. The upcoming release of Android 12 will include a file of security information is confidential, including a front-facing board that gives you access to programs that monitor your camera, microphone, and location information and time. Google is still the top advertising company, but going forward is making progress.

Microsoft this week announced the final end-of-life Internet Explorer system, that is, of course. We have seen security issues that the web browser has been around for years, and why it will continue for a while. And stay with them The Captcha knocked you to the ground? We have seen why they have suffered so much in recent years and how you can be successful in coping with such an unfortunate tragedy. Similarly, we have covered to remove these annoying pop-ups which you need online.

Lastly, make sure you take the time to read our in-depth section on 2011 due to RSA, last minute security. Participants – except the Chinese spies who plotted the plot – were finally relieved by their anonymous alliance, and reported their stories for the first time.

And there is more! Each week we go around all the WIRED issues not mentioned in detail. Click on the headlines to read all the articles, and stay safe out there.

The Apple-Epic lawsuit did not fire firefighters this week, especially this time Testimony of Tim Cook Friday. But vice-president of Apple software specialist Craig Federighi – the one with the biggest haircuts – sparked an uproar when asked why the iOS App Store can’t just copy the color distribution available on macOS. “Today, we have a malware program on Mac that we do not agree with,” Federighi said, adding that 130 types of malware were detected against Macs last year. some of them do very well.

The security question has become an important part of Apple’s argument that it will not open iOS in other stores. But the answer is more difficult than it may seem. Apple has a way of tracking the App Store, but external security experts have said this alone is not enough to address all the threats of corruption and intrusion. Court documents show that a senior Apple official said App Store security was like “bringing a plastic knife to the gun.” Apple’s best protection comes from the iPhone itself, which was designed to reduce the risk of malware if it can be accessed.

It is also true that the problem of Mac malware is more expensive than it may appear in the popular sense, and that although the App Store tracking system is not good, changing the MacOS format can put users at greater risk. (Not an unlimited risk, however; Apple has many ways to deliver malicious software on desktops that can work the same way on your phone or tablet.) As is often the case, this article is one of the best-selling, most of the best. storm and stress that the PR and Apple and Epic machines have just started since the whole mess started.

Remember the new lows we just talked about? Here is one. Less than a week ago, the Conti eagle team launched an Irish health service, called the HSE. The result has been chaos, hospitals have been disrupted across the country and many patients are being lured away as bait. This week, Conti said he would provide a keyboard to help health care providers return to business — yet they also demand a $ 20 million ransom, threatening to sell or release what the patient did if the HSE did not pay. (Antivirus firm Emsisoft has also provided a reliable backup tool.)

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