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Apple exec Craig Federighi calls the Mac government a malware program ‘illegal’


For years, Apple has been knocking Windows out of its malware, claiming that macOS is the safest way to protect your computer. However, in the face of legal war which could decide the future of its business, the company admitted surprisingly: MacOS has its own criminal problem. The approval came from Apple Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi, who testified Wednesday in the lawsuit against Epic Games (via Protocol).

“Today, we have a malware program on Mac that we do not consider to be accurate,” Federighi told the court in his testimony. “If you took Mac security solutions and used them on iOS devices, and all of these tools, at a whole cost, could be much worse than what is already happening on Mac.”

Federighi said this when a judge asked him why iOS should not adopt the same type of store as macOS. “Replace the same situation with iOS and it could be very bad for our customers,” he said.

Federighi went on to explain the differences between the two platforms and why Apple bans systems such as downloading features on iOS compared to Mac and car. “You can take them off the road if you want, and you can drive anywhere you want,” said former Apple CEO Steve Jobs once. he used a similar illustration in another way. Asked if macOS is secure, he said it was “if used properly.” “There is a certain responsibility.” Federighi added. “With iOS, we were able to do something where kids – heck, even babies – can work with the iOS device and stay safe while doing so.

The court battle between Apple and Epic has revealed all sorts of genres that companies live close to their chests. We know, for example, Epic spent $ 146 million to defend Border areas 3 as a stand-alone PC. With the Cook family expected to testify on Friday, we can get to know more about the company’s Apple and Epic before launching their final arguments on Monday.

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