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Apple employees are refusing to return to office

Not everyone wants to return to office after the COVID-19 epidemic, and Apple may know this better than most. About reports that about 80 Apple employees have written and amended Tim Cook’s letter urging them to reconsider their plans return to office in September. They feel “neglected” by the leadership, which says people are willing to return to the alliance between them, and they want the opportunity for a full-time job instead of planning twice a week.

The authors want Apple to allow teams to choose who can work remotely or in a flexible environment, and create a “reasonable” way to help people with disabilities through remote and flexible work. He also wanted more information on how work activities could affect the environment, as well as asking questions that were asked if remote participants were involved. Apple should also provide interviews for employees on these issues, the authors said.

We have asked Apple to comment.

It is unclear how the letter will help. Although the enrollment group was small, it is said to have originated in the “remote representatives” Slack system with about 2,800 members. If so, it may reflect the concerns of many non-Apple retailers.

Apple’s September plan takes a simpler approach to working at home than the epidemic before, when it focused on working in the office. It’s a lot harder than you can find in other companies. Twitter allows as many employees as possible to work as far away as they can. Google’s return to work they share a three-day office schedule like Apple, but it will also include other remote locations and adapt depending on the needs of the assigned team. Apple may face the challenge of changing its policies, if only it could show a shift in long-distance performance among other tech giants.

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