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Apollo Ghost Review: The Most Powerful, The Most Terrible


My whole body came back when I hit all the motors, so … be patient! Gaining speed that excites fast and dangerous. It didn’t take long for the rocket to pass 30 mph. This may not sound like you love to drive fast, but when you compare a motorcycle with everything you have to protect yourself with a helmet on your head – let’s just say my heart was racing.

I too am in New York City. Unless I’m on the Williamsburg bridge, I like to hit the brakes (working!) Every few minutes because of electricity, cars, or pedestrian traffic. The chances of speeding faster than 20 mph are limited. However, it is better to have more energy.

One thing you need to dig into your head is to not switch from two to one as you climb. The company says that “it’s like going down from the sixth car to the first car, and it can cause a fall or injury because of too much reduction.” Yikes. After reading this, I did not press all the buttons until I stopped being careful.

The orange button next to the red button One / Tuesday changes the Spirit between Eco and Turbo mode. The Turbo button only allows the covered motorcycle to run at high demand. Eco, obviously, enhances traffic. It slows down your pace, but it is useful if the Spirit is crawling into a dead battery and you still have a long way to go in the future.

Most importantly, in any speed, the same journey is easy. The 10-inch pneumatic tires paired with a spring-spring suspension make it feel like you’re walking down a wide street, and even the roads full of the pot don’t feel much pain. (I do not recommend using it on the way.) That and Waterproof protection for IP54, and that its protection worked in the rainy season and jumping after the snow in January, although the fighters did little to protect my shoes from getting wet and dirty.

The brakes are said to have adjustable brakes, meaning that it will recharge the battery when stopped. I haven’t seen any battery benefits though.

Ghost Rider

Wrapping the Spirit at the end of the journey is easy, but not as fast as I would like. You have to sit for a few seconds and twist the rod between the candles to knock it down, and the connector under the main stem that causes the machine to roll requires strength to change. You can bring the stem and hold it in the dung on the back of the ship to keep it in place. It carries up to the ideal size, but is still too long to fit under the bed.

The biggest disadvantage, is the 64-pound machine! It is heavier than this oil to lubricate the oil wheel. Don’t expect to install this e-scooter easily.

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