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Anthony Fauci urges China to release medical records of lab workers in Wuhan

Chief medical consultant Joe Biden has asked China to publish medical records of nine people whose condition may tell you if Covid-19 was first discovered due to a leak in the lab.

Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, or NIAID, told the Financial Times that the document could help resolve the controversy over the disease that has killed more than 3.5m people worldwide.

The documents in question refer to three Wuhan Institute of Virology researchers who allegedly fell ill in November 2019, and six miners who fell ill after entering a bat cave in 2012. Scientists from the Wuhan Institute of Virology later went to a cave to retrieve it. examples from bats. Three of the miners died.

Shi Zhengli, a leading expert on coronaviruses, said has already been rejected there was any disease in the lab – which Fauci did not object to, but said should be investigated.

“I would like to see medical records of three people who are said to have become ill in 2019,” he said. Fauci He said. “She was seriously ill, and if so, why?

“It’s the same with the miners who got sick years ago. . . What do the medical records of those people say? He is [a] the virus in those people? What was it? It is possible that where Sars-Cov-2 originated in the cave and either began to spread naturally or pass through the lab. ”

The government department did not immediately respond to a question about whether Biden’s supervisors asked China to register for medical treatment.

The introduction of Covid-19 has been one of the most difficult questions of a plague. Donald Trump, a former US President, said last year he thought the coronavirus had come out of Wuhan’s lab, but was largely dismissed by many scientists, who said it was possible he may have jumped from animals to humans.

However, bribe lab attracted in recent weeks a group of well-known scientists after signing a letter stating that it should be done in depth. There has been a new review of Wuhan’s investigators who were sent to the hospital a few weeks before the first Covid-19 case is officially registered.

Biden last week ordered US law enforcement to the end within 90 days of the outbreak. The White House says two branches of insane groups believe the Sars-Cov-2 virus was transmitted naturally, but a third believe it came from the Wuhan Institute. No branch has too much confidence in the end.

Fauci is accused, especially by lawmakers, of using research theory, in order to protect NIAID’s reputation, which funded counter-investigation at Wuhan.

David Asher, a former head of the state department of Covid-19 initiating research, questioned why Fauci only wanted prescriptions now. He further added that Trump officials said publicly in January that U.S. intelligence believed Wuhan’s scientists were ill with the symptoms of the virus.

“I’m surprised that now Fauci is asking this question,” said Asher, who is now at the Hudson Institute, a Washington-based intelligence company.

Asher added that although he respects Fauci, he was disappointed by what he saw as NIAID’s lack of interest by his parents’ organization, the National Institutes of Health, to rule out the possibility of the virus coming out of the lab.

Fauci told FT that he continues to believe that the virus was transmitted to humans through animals, suggesting that even if laboratory researchers were exposed to Covid-19, they could be infected from the general public. But he said he thought the question needed to be re-examined, mainly because of public interest.

“I’ve always felt that the biggest chance – based on our experiences with Sars, Mers, Ebola, HIV, influenza, swine flu in 2009 – was that the virus had invaded the species,” he said. “But we have to keep researching until the possibility of what has been proven.”

He ignored the idea that his organization could be affected by the epidemic, but said: “Are you saying we’re responsible because we give organizations $ 120,000 a year to manage bats?”

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