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Annual photos – 2021 highlights

From the Covid charts to climate change maps, technical reports to social problems records, we are living in an ever-increasing number of surveillance reports.

The images have a rich and descriptive language as written text. The nominees here are a FTData the group, from the thousands formed in 2021, can be incredibly inspiring, envious, shaken and terrified.

On different topics, what unites the group is the purpose of the show story. Without this, knowledge is meaningless and choices are meaningless. Pictures can be of a thousand words. But times like these can be very valuable.
Alan Smith, senior director of Visual and Data Journalism

Strong, round flight

On December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers completed their first airplane flight while Orville Wright flew their Wright Flyer for 12 seconds, traveling 36 yards. as well as deep technical terms of man when it flew again, but this time in another world. Linked by Ingenuity, a Nasa Mars helicopter, completed a 39.1-second flight, climbing up to three feet above the red planet.

Intelligence reached Mars at the bottom of the ocean Perseverance rover, which had just landed on the Atlas V rocket in July 2020. By the 118th anniversary of the Wrights’ victory, Ingenuity had flown 18 times, covering about 4km in a span of more than 30 minutes.

In terms of transparency, technology also played a role. Instead of just photographing, it is now faster and more flexible to create 3D colors using the iPad and Apple Pencil. Here is a coherent view of the colors from which the artwork above came from.
Ian Bott, photographer

Conflict resolution

Emma Raducanu, who played for the first time at Wimbledon was just 18 years old and ranked 338th in the world, when she became the first card player in Britain to enter the fourth round of women’s games in more than 20 years.

To see how amazing they have been, according to the tournament’s history, means to remove the names of the card players from over 80 PDF files and compare them to the way they did in Wimbledon games from 1977 onwards – the year the system was launched. As a result, as the title of the picture clearly stands out, it is that most wild cards are no more advanced than the first round.

A chart showing the longest field that wild card players have reached in the Wimbledon Championship by the year, 1977-2021.

But the picture shows another story. Most of the lowest players in the world fighting breach financial. The wild card system plays an important role in bringing players to the edge of the game to the elite and the money they earn, even in the lower divisions, can support future trips.

Raducanu he replied that its Wimbledon prize money could help support participation in other competitions. It worked. Two months later, at the US Open, she became the first single in the Open Era winning the Grand Slam title and finished the year in the group of the top 20 players in the world.
Chris Campbell, visual journalist and Patrick Mathurin, senior reading journalist

A deadly sign has arrived

Pa the night of November 24, English Channel became one of the most dangerous places to travel from Europe to the UK. Another 30-passenger boat capsized, killing 27 on board. It was the biggest death on the Channel since the UN migration agency, IOM, began filming more in 2014.

The highway has become very popular with people who want to get to Britain – as of November 25, at least 26,611 people have passed through 2021, three times more than 2020. This has given many the false impression that the number of people wishing to reach the UK has risen. Instead, the number of protected applications in the country dropped to 29,456 in 2020, after all. reaching a peak of 84,132 in 2002.

The closure of the epidemic means that traditional routes to Britain, by plane or boarding passenger boat or truck, have been canceled due to overcrowding. As a result, people who want to escape conflict, poverty, or persecution have tried their best to make the trip in small, immovable boats. Everywhere, he compares 196 immigrants were registered as dead or missing in the English Channel since 2014, 44 have died this year alone.
Federica Cocco, statistics journalist

Climate change, smoke symptoms

One of my responsibilities is to make a weather forecast every week, but choosing just one chart to give a brief overview of 2021 was difficult. He is flooding in Europe and China, deadly hot waves Canada and the Pacific Northwest, “long and deadly” a tornado event in US history in the south of the country and in the Midwest mentioning the fewest weather events this year.

But summer was just as dangerous. When a US and southern Europe A fire was burning in the remote Sakha region of Siberia.

Mapping shows how smoke from Siberia flowed through the Arctic Circle in early August.  Maps of the Black Carbon (kg per square meter) collision map for the first 10 days in August this year.

The Siberian fire produced three times as much emissions as those in North America in the summer of 2021, according to data from Copernicus, EU observation program. At one point the smoke from Russia’s wildfire made its way across the North Pole to hit Greenland and Canada.

Climate experts say that bad weather may be far more widespread, as global warming continues to worsen. At the moment some climate scientists calculate that the promises of hope and zero goals set by countries. November meeting meeting COP26 has a 50 percent chance of keeping global temperatures up to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels by the early 2030s.
Steven Bernard, senior viewing journalist

Making a map of the plague

Covering Covid-19 in the US means filtering through plenty of water to identify the right way to tell a nearby story, a daily activity and a rapidly growing epidemic. Horses that look like lines and charts have been needed to provide expected indicators, such as crime and death numbers, but often cannot reflect national diversity.

Bivariate government maps show how vaccine prices compare with new / hospitalized patients in each region between August and November 2021. Types and data are built more based on the amount of data.  In the summer, vaccinations between patients and hospital admissions were different in all countries, while the lack of adequate protection and the lack of vaccinations in various countries have strained relations, especially in litigation, as successful cases have grown sharply over several months. the past.

Realizing that the expected correlation between vaccine prices and trial numbers was disrupted in some parts of the US in the autumn, I used bivariate charts – which use a combination of two color combinations to show interdependence between different types – to illustrate this. .

Using bivariate scales first at vaccination rates and then cases or hospitalization in each US state in August and November, it was possible to classify any of the two types of interventions. For example, teal represents a large, very small vaccine.

With the creation of this genre – with the information needed to guide readers – it was possible to see how the relationship between the Covid-19 vaccine and transcription cases changed in different parts of the US, and paint a clear and concise picture of how the virus is spread.
Caitlin Gilbert, data reporter

A united world

How does Europe get gas? The question became a hot topic in the autumn for everyone from politicians to consumers and oil companies, as the continent grappled with a food crisis that threatened to wreak havoc on the EU and UK.

In some lands prices have risen nearly five times as much in the previous year, when stocks plummeted to the point where it was feared that even in the coldest of winter it would reduce supplies to factories, with families paying the price.

When we discovered the maps of the European gas network and saw the pipelines crossing, we revealed exactly. how the continent supplies gas – and expressed his confidence in Russia.

But to illustrate the complexity of the story, we had to go through the map, and Sankey’s portrait was the best way to showcase Asia’s natural gas. China’s demand alone has doubled in the last decade and is expected to rise sharply as it tries to reduce coal consumption. Japan and South Korea have also turned to natural gas in an effort to stem the tide of carbon dioxide emissions, and to reverse the spread of Europe.

The creation of gas maps in Europe also helped to expose readers to the complexities of the “connected world” – a reminder that supply chains, trade routes and pipelines remain essential for the global economy to remain strong despite technological advances.
Sam Joiner, editor of visual content

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