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Andy Weir’s Work Praise Mary With ‘The Martian,’ Again


He will flee the success of his first book Martian, a fascinated science fiction novelist who released a blockbuster film starring Matt Damon, Andy Weir tried to do what many prehistoric science writers had tried. It was supposed to be called Zhek.

“I thought this was going to be my magnus opus,” he says. “My science fiction novel that everyone knows. I have about 70,000 words and I had to leave them, because they just don’t come together — the characters weren’t fun, the plot was to go around. This will be a great book that no one wants to read. ”

So he put it aside instead of writing Articles, about a smuggler who lives in the moonlight. But there was one idea from Zhek which continues to stare at him, an imaginary object called ‘black matter’ that feeds on electric waves, mimicking everything that passes by and grows as it does.

That idea became the seed of Work Praise Mary, Weir’s new book, revisiting the so-called “scientific discovery.” Obviously the winner — MGM has already taken over the video rights, and Ryan Gosling was linked with a star. In the book, released Tuesday, a wise American man named Ryland Grace wakes up in space not remembering who he is or how he came to be, and must rely on his own ingenuity and scientific experiments to save not only himself but also mankind. (Few advertisers follow.)

Along the way, Grace encounters a strange life on a journey similar to hers: a spider-like creature with a large crater that breathes ammonia and absorbs oxygen. But instead of just taking the monster out of his mind, or going down with money Star Trek The process of making clothes attaches to small pieces of plastic on a person, Weir uses the same scientific method known as Martian to discover a strange life form in his new book.

“I really hate the science fiction novels,” Weir says, as a way of explaining why he chose, at the beginning of the writing, that all living things in the book are identical. He felt that the chances of a life-altering event in two of the stars were too close to intersect with the human genome. “For everyone to live an independent life, it just seems like a challenge to be honest.”

This was a hindrance to the species of planets whose inhabitants reside, and Weir explored the galaxy to take the two planets he had seen to settle in his book. “Not much is known about them,” he says. “What we know in real life is their quantity around and around their stars.”

From there, he was able to add. “I started to do their biology by looking at the world,” he says. They know that they want the characters in this book to be as different from humans as possible — not to be in our nature, as we are not to be.

One of the planets he used in the beginning is on a very solid path around its sun, 40 Eridan, which means it is hot – but because the creatures that live there share our common ancestor, it would not be too hot for water to be like water because other things like DNA and mitochondria would not exist. . “But the only way to stay warm and warm is with water, if there is a lot of pressure,” says Weir – and this has affected the earth’s atmosphere, as well as the ecosystem. The air is thick with ammonia, which is why it breathes, and light cannot pass through, then the blind.


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