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Android looks very bright, and we can’t wait


JC: Yes. I would say this is the best way. One day, we will have computers attached to our eyes so we can put them on the bed and work like that.

MC: Oh, baby.

LG: It all comes around.

MC: Probably a gel wash.

LG: Well, Mike, what are your thoughts this week?

MC: I recommend a podcast. It is a history of music podcasts. It’s called It’s the Beginning, just two words, It’s the Beginning. That is why I need to give you back 20 years because in 2001, the book was published by journalist Michael Azerrad. It’s called Our Team Can Live Your Life. And there are many chapters in this book, and each chapter covers the history of one group from the 1980’s and 1990’s in secret. The reason for this is the chapters of Sonic Youth and The Replacement, Butthole Surfers, Thor Minor, Black Flag, Dinosaur Jr., Fugazi. Virtually every major rock mass in the 1980’s is featured in this book.

That’s why this podcast, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the most popular, most influential book, is doing one part on each topic. That’s why you find one section for each group in this book. To top it all off, he will eventually have Michael Azerrad, the author of the book, on a podcast as an interview to write.

As a result, it’s a beautiful journey. You just have to get into the water for this group. The crowds are very interesting. You learn a lot. Even though you have read this book, you still have much to learn. That is why it is my opinion for anyone who has read this book and love it, or anyone who has this book sitting on the shelf and has not saved anything. It’s the Beginning it brings you inside.

LG: Mike, I just want to start a little bit because I’m surprised. I think I just kept quiet. Are you playing a music podcast?

MC: Yes. A song podcast.

LG: Oh my mother. This is not unusual.

MC: That’s right. I think maybe it’s time to start launching my own podcast songs.

LG: I think you should.

MC: That’s what all my friends do. Sounds like a hip thing to do.

LG: You can do very well. You can be good … You can make podcasts of podcast music.

MC: Now we are discussing. Now we’re talking. Lauren, please tell us what kind of podcasts you recommend?

LG: As I first mocked Gilad, my thoughts this week are really similar to Gilad’s. I recommend ice cream.

MC: That’s the most Gilad-esque.

LG: That’s right. It’s not just ice cream. Please, I hope the animals are not angry. There’s vegan ice cream out there too. Yes. Or lactose intolerance out there. Sorry, but I recommend ice cream.

MC: Always on strong terms, but what about now?

LG: I’m on the East Coast right now, with Julian. And it’s too hot. I forgot how humid it was here. I can feel the moisture just coming out of me all day. But I missed it here. I swear, guys.

Also, I live with my brother’s family, and his nephew and grandson are here, and they are children. They are young, but they are children, and they love ice cream. And so we’ve been going out for ice cream in the evening, and it’s really good. It’s just a small part of summer. I find time to spend with my nephew and nephew. We went to a small big farm last night here, and sat outside and had ice cream. I had vanilla with Heath Bar crunch and top fudge topping. My brother had an ice cream cone called Play-Doh. It was a bright yellow, and it looked like a Play-Doh. It was unpleasant to look at. My brother … I don’t remember what he had, but he insulted my mother, his grandmother, for taking pistachios. They’re like, “That’s an old taste.” I was like, “Be good.”


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