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Android 12 Will Allows You To Set Up Permissions on Hungarian Apps


After a few years of developing privacy and security equipment, the Android team is changing. Again, if the operating system uses more than three billion devices, small changes can be a major problem. And the new tools in Android 12 not only give you more insight into what your apps are doing, but offer a few group options on how to narrow down what they can get.

Android 12 is already in beta and will launch in a few months. In today’s Google I / O software development, however, the company is showcasing a number of small features that help you understand what’s going on behind the scenes — and also provide more opportunities for you to get the most out of apps. Some of these enhancements are similar to those already available in Apple. But some are moving the secret ball in new ways.

“With this release we want to continue to reduce the amount of data acquisition software,” says Android sales manager Charmaine D’Silva. “It takes time to achieve this, but the main purpose of this release is to provide a deeper level of transparency for users.”

Android 12 also includes a “Privacy Dashboard” where you can see which apps have used the permissions that might have been difficult in the last 24 hours. The dashboard divides the activities into groups and groups – such as “Location,” “Camera,” and “Microphone” – and then shows you the apps that found the machine. Google also asks developers to provide additional information for their use up to that point. And you can change or revoke program permissions via the dashboard. It provides more information than you can use on how apps work in the background, especially because it not only enhances the app, say, local data or your microphone, but when and how long.

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“We give permissions to programs so that they can do amazing things. It’s not uncommon to see scripts,” D’Silva says. “But is there such a thing as a miracle? Maybe you were given the opportunity to use the app a while ago and you don’t remember why. We wanted to give users the whole picture. ”

Android 12 also creates a green light in the right hand corner on any screen that extends if a microphone or smartphone camera is used. Apple for iOS 14 added a similar shape last year. In Android, however, you can turn it on to see more about the app that uses the mic or camera and the reason, and it is much easier to get permission if you want.


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