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Android 12 Beta Hands: A new look and a little change right now

Google released the public beta of Android 12 at its I / O software development meeting yesterday and those who do not want to deal with software that may have a trailer can already try. An upcoming OS preview will be available on the company’s Pixel phone as well devices from OnePlus, Nokia, TCL, ASUS, Sharp and many more. While Google laughed at new features like switch heads, indicators and tires for your cameras and mic, as well as new license preferences and shortcuts, very few of them are available in this format. More changes appear right now. We are still looking forward to what we can expect when Android 12 officially launches next year.

Eye refreshment

This is the biggest revival in the appearance of Android over the years. Android 11 app it was very similar to Android 10 and, honestly, it wasn’t much fun. But with the promise of new themes and support widgets, Android 12 should be the biggest thing. At the moment, beta doesn’t seem to have any mobile pallets under Google New Things You Make which change color type based on your paper. I switched between images that are usually blue, red, orange or pink and the lyrics remained the same shade of any color.

What looks different is the new cap, which has changed the color of the images and the white notifications. When you have a few notifications, the clock is turned to the left side of the page. When you remove it all, the watch expands and moves in the center, making it easier to see. I’m a little touching but nice.

I have not seen any changes in what You need to bring, such as a font or page size that fits everyone’s preferences. The layout of the widgets is well-designed, but it looks like there are some new options. The Notification shade is very different, however.


The main difference here is the social networking site, which shows the four rounded corners of things like WiFi, Bluetooth, Uninterrupted and Flashlight now. While it reduces the number of shortcuts available, it’s a surprise that I like this on the old design that had six lines. Obviously, after a long time with this design I would find that if there were other options that would be more readily available.

There’s also a bit of a hint in the shadow of it, something that bothers me in Android 11. Due to the color scheme that makes the difference between any ID card and the band on the back invisible, everything looks white. There is no word for “Notifications” in the Quick Settings box and, you know, a list of notifications anymore.

The settings for moving objects such as volume and light display are much stronger than before, making them easier to achieve. They are very fond of all new UI that are slightly rounded and integrated, and take up space. Not everyone would like this, but I think I guess in the middle of the ease of use in looking good.

Most of the “looks” are too small you may miss out if you didn’t look at them. Some movies have changed. For example, if you use a quick switch, the box will be brighter in addition to a different type of light. Also, when you go through a long list or story and get to the end or the beginning, the window looks rather bright as before to show that you have reached the limit. I never thought I’d want these new movies, but for now I don’t mind. In addition, translating Google engineers and software development partners from Chet Haase from “What’s New in Android” section on I / O, this allows you to hit stretching goals in deleting your mail.

Shade of beta notifications for Android 12

Engadget (Graphic)

Small, inconspicuous changes

Some minor tweaks (in addition to the actual system changes) are designed to make Android 12 feel faster. Google claims to have “written down all the features that make your experience so personal and practical,” and promises to respond positively and use all your resources through “the changing nature of the situation.” While it’s not something I can guarantee from beta right now, there are some things I can see that could make things go faster.

Android 12 beta is also fluid and probably because Google seems to have added animations to the display so something happens when you click anywhere. This isn’t really a CPU or a system change, it’s just a picture of something happening so you don’t think your phone is left behind. One of these examples is the new screen for each program once installed. Google makes this illegal for all apps in Android 12 and if the developers didn’t create it themselves, the system generates generic by placing the app’s image in the middle of a blank page.

While some programs have their own screens, most do not cause any problems. Some apps also show the appearance of Android for the first time before changing to their own. The latter makes it a bit slower. It’s also unthinkable to think that adding animated graphics to its design makes the system faster, but it’s best to see something – everything – look like a shake-up, rather than waiting for a minute or two to load a large UI.

It’s the little things like this on the whole of Android 12 that can make things go smoothly, at least, unless the developers bring their apps up quickly. As we have seen in our study of Preview of Android 12, updates come with how apps can send notifications and what Google calls “toast” (small boxes that pop up at the bottom to let you know if the download is over for example). This, in addition to What You Make, should make Android 12 look and feel like a refresher and more responsive one.

More changes are coming

A lot of the things I was looking forward to seeing didn’t seem to still be available here. Privacy Dashboard and Quick Settings to change the microphone and camera are missing. Long pressing the electronic button is supposed to bring the Assistant to the end, but for now I still see the page available that shows your Google Pay cards and your smart wins. I have never seen the opportunity in licensing options that allow you to limit the amount and accuracy of your Locations that apps can access.

Many of the upcoming developments also depend on the manufacturers, who will have to list them in their software before we realize it. Things like audio responses combined with audio, which can allow exercise to create a nervous system based on the sound of rain or guns, e.g. There’s also a lot to look forward to from the last Android version which I’m sure Google is saving to unveil in the future.

Settlement and bedbugs

Obviously, since this is a beta release, the system is not guaranteed to be stable. I’ve already noticed a few, as the Conversation Release doesn’t work (it didn’t work well at first). The Twitter app is great if you are reading your food but it comes out when you try to post something. This is great for this course when you try out the viewing program, but you need to know if you are thinking of setting up your beta. Given the lack of new features right now, it’s best to wait for the second or third beta. But in the meantime, the review of Android 12 has excited me because of Google’s next OS.

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