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Andrew Brown Jr. ‘s shooting’ justified ‘, no lawsuit filed: DA | Black Life Essential Issues

The three leaders involved in the shooting will not be held accountable by government officials after investigating the allegations.

Pasquotank County County Judge Andrew Womble announced Tuesday that he would consider “necessary” the shooting of Andrew Brown Jr., a black man. a man was killed on April 21st and sheriff’s assistants are trying to hunt down and build licenses, and no charges can be laid.

Brown, 42, was shot dead in the early hours of this morning at his home in Elizabeth City, an area along the river where more than half of the nearly 18,000 people are black.

“Mr Brown’s death was justified,” Womble told reporters at a press conference which also featured photographs. body-worn cameras by the police at the scene.

Brown it was in his car as ambassadors tried to apprehend him. The car passed when police called for a stop.

As it was moving, the car overturned and almost hit one of the ministers at low speed, then took off. The leaders fired them.

Author and historian Tim Tyson displays the Black Lives Matter flag 11 days after the assassination of Andrew Brown Jr in Elizabeth City, North Carolina on May 2, 2021 [File: Jonathan Drake/Reuters]

After the shots were fired, Brown’s car appeared to have done something wrong, causing it to stop with a loud bang.

“The leaders in this case realized that they were in danger, and they burned their weapons to solve the problem,” Womble said. “[D]power can be used if it seems necessary to protect against lethal force. ”

Womble also referred to Brown’s criminal record, saying he was known to police for his arrest and detention since 1995, including assault with a dangerous weapon.

Investigator Daniel Meads, Vice President for Morgan Morgan and Slave Aaron Lewellyn have been on vacation since the shooting. Sheriff’s officials said Morgan is Black, while Meads and Lewellyn are white.

The mysterious killings have sparked international attention. It happened a day after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin he was convicted of murder George Floyd on a well-known test.

Chauvin’s conviction has brought hope to change among activists for police brutality. Chauvin’s lawyer has asked for a new trial, in describing inaccuracies in criminal cases, for a number of reasons.

Human rights activist Ben Crump, representing the Brown family, “killed” Brown with a “deadly gun” on his head while driving.

Ben Crump, a lawyer working for the Brown family, pointed to a shotgun behind Brown’s head at a press conference announcing his independent findings in Elizabeth City, North Carolina on April 27, 2021 [File: Jonathan Drake/Reuters]

Womble said the autopsy results had not been finalized, but confirmed that Brown had “been twice injured.

However, the shooting was appropriate to “avoid pain for those who live near the scene, as well as other pedestrians,” Womble said.

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