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An internal Facebook report has found that the company has retained its ‘Stop the Steal’ response.

Facebook missed a few opportunities to deal with the “Stop the Steal” group that launched Jan. 6, an attack on the US Capitol, according to available to BuzzFeed news.

The report records how Facebook failed to recognize the threat the agency was carrying out despite numerous reports. It also describes how Facebook has sometimes failed to enforce its rules, and that “members who are said to be banned remained on Facebook and were able to contact the Stop the Steal and Patriot Party to help disrupt the election.”

One of the most important things is that Facebook failed to recognize after January 6, the terrorists whose most “Stop the Steal” groups and its pages were “affiliate groups.” This led to Facebook banning sites and groups of all kinds, while allowing others to remain active. In particular, Facebook of “Stop Stealing” a few days after the rebellion. “After the Capitol invasion and the hurricane that took place in the Capitol nationwide, we realized that the teams that provide the teams, pages and posters are one group,” the report says.

The report also shows that Facebook’s existing ideas may not go far enough. It describes how Facebook has established a defense mechanism for real Behavior – that is, actions that are stored by fake accounts or profiles playing on its own platform – but are not regulated by malicious activity from acceptable story. “What do we do as a system that is determined, connected through citizens or real-world, but it is harmful in some way and violates our ideals?” the report asks.

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The company sells BuzzFeed that it was “not a definite report” and the company “continues to study what happened so that we can continue to improve what we have.”

Questions related to the Facebook section of the January 6 event have taken on new meaning as lawmakers speculate. media platforms. At the same time, the Oversight Board considers whether Donald Trump’s suspension should be lifted – an idea that some advocate it should be delayed until it thinks about Facebook in a rebellious career.

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