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America is back – and it wants everyone to consider China

From a European point of view, A Joe Biden a one-week visit may not be the best. After four years of being hooked Donald Trump – due to the use of Nato’s low security, more trade-offs, commitment to US generosity and becoming a “political enemy” – Europe longed for Biden’s cure.

The 46th US president was not disappointed. American friendships were “strong”, Biden said; Security in Europe was America’s “sacred duty”. In addition to the incentive, Biden also raised U.S. sanctions on Europe and lifted them a long-running Boeing-Airbus partnership dispute.

Relief among European officials was evident. Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, mentioned President of the United States such as “Dear Joe” – love cannot be easily applied to many of Biden’s predecessors, not just Trump. “Biden’s language and words are what Europeans want,” said Jeremy Shapiro, director of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

The US internal divisions, as reflected in the US Capitol debate on January 6 this year, have been a source of concern for European leaders © Brent Stirton / Getty Images

Temporary variance still exists – especially at low European security perceptions. But the main purpose of Biden’s trip, which began with the G7 summit in Cornwall and sometimes surprisingly ended with the Vladimir Putin summit in Geneva, had more Indo-Pacific tensions than the Atlantic.

Before the first President of Biden overseas, there were rumors about his intentions. Was it a race between democracy and independence, to usher in a new era of massive power struggles, to re-invigorate many countries under US control or to form organizations to deal with the plague and global warming? The answer is yes “all of the above”.

But Biden’s trip offers what is most important. Continuity preoccupation with China. The well-known Biden Democratic Conference, which received word from the G7, has been adjourned until next year. No location specified. In contrast, China’s problem appeared three times in the G7 language and was first mentioned by Nato – a coalition that protects defense in the North Atlantic.

US President Joe Biden has assured European leaders that security is
US President Joe Biden has assured European leaders that security is a “sacred duty” for the United States © Patrick Semansky / AP

“Biden’s first message to his European colleagues was: ‘Don’t worry guys, I’m back. Now let me go and do my business in the Indo-Pacific’,” said Robin Niblett, director of Chatham House, London-think-tank. “Chinese language is the norm. But they were everywhere. ”

China also spoke anonymously at the US-Russia summit. The difference between Biden’s meeting with Putin in Geneva and the bad record of one Trump in 2018 in Helsinki is probably the most surprising aspect of Biden’s visit. In contrast Biden’s opponents, who accused him of giving Putin an inappropriate gift to appear in the same venue, many white people were delighted to see him speak.

“Negotiating with your enemies is what the negotiations should be – as long as you have agents and writers,” said Fiona Hill, who, as Trump’s adviser in Russia, was not allowed to engage in secrecy with Putin. “Silence doesn’t make sense. Should Biden refuse to meet with Xi Jinping because China has concentration camps? ”

Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Biden meet at Villa La Grange in Geneva, Switzerland, last week
Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Biden meet at Villa La Grange in Geneva, Switzerland, last week © Peter Klaunzer – Pool / Keystone via Getty Pictures

Insulting Russia

The amazing thing about Biden’s approach was his own Doing business like Putin. He refused to give a sermon on democracy, despite threatening Putin with “disastrous” consequences if Alexei Navalny, Russia’s banned leader, dies in prison. He also promised to repay her future attacks on Russia following SolarWind a major intervention by U.S. governments last year. The two have agreed to form a nuclear club and another cybersecurity group, which some see as a modern parallel of the war. This is happening because of a lack of confidence – Russia, or groups that the US believes to be allied with Russia, has visited a major crisis in the US at a very low cost. But the fact that the party exists now could make Putin think twice.

In contrast, Biden only mentioned “principles” and “freedom” soon. The only one of the two to publicly comment on the good points – perhaps wrongly – was Putin, who praised Biden’s “good” and his willingness to talk about his family. Once again, Trump’s differences were remarkable.

Stephen Wertheim, co-founder of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, said: “Trump always sees him as a salesman and Biden is not just a jerk.” “In doing so Biden was smarter with Putin, while Trump was more ambitious and popular.”

The obvious goal was to make the US-Russia relationship dangerous and unstable. To test whether Biden has won will be a harmless dog – poison outside of Russian opponents and a cyber-attack in the west that is not happening. This takes time to review. It’s hard to prove it wrong. Biden’s main goal was to promote Putin’s ideas.

Chinese Prime Minister Deng Xiaoping listens to US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at his 1974 summit in Beijing
Chinese Prime Minister Deng Xiaoping listens to US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at a 1974 conference in Beijing

Biden drew laughter at home for describing Russia as a “superpower” and Putin as a “legitimate enemy”. He was also reprimanded last month for refusing to impose sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 oil pipeline from Russia to Germany. Biden also briefly submitted to Geneva rumors that Ukraine should be recognized by Nato. The word “beautify” begins again in Washington.

However, there was an intention to persuade Biden. Some call it the “return of Henry Kissinger”, after the well-known national security adviser Richard Nixon, who traveled to Beijing in the early 1970’s to benefit from the Sino-Soviet division. Something in the end differed from the Soviet Union. Beijing is a great ally today. The long-term hope is to drive between Russia and China.

“When Biden respects Russia as a major power, which Putin aspires to, it will be easier for Russia to free Russia from China,” Hill said.

President Biden is received by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen before the EU-US summit at the European Council in Brussels, Belgium

President Biden is received by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen before the EU-US meeting at the European Council in Brussels, Belgium © Olivier Hoslet / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock

Such an approach implies a decline in Biden’s “democracy against independence”. The Americans instead are constantly worried about Russia being treated like their brother by China. Some of their American counterparts, including France, Japan and India, are also working to strengthen their ties with Russia with a view to weakening their ties with China.

“In the meantime, it could be a political crisis for the United States not to try to get revenge on Kissinger,” Shapiro said. “At that moment, America must stop running Russia in the hands of China. But it may take more than one time for the president to start. ”

European rest

Biden’s geopolitical chess game has many obstacles. One of these is Europe’s unwillingness to see China in the same way the existing concern as America does. The continent sells more to China than to the US. Biden found reports of China’s threat at major congressional hearings. But cohesive words are not the same as concrete action.

Europe sells more to China than the US, and has shown some reluctance to look at it with the same concern
Europe trades more closely with China than the US, and has shown some skepticism about it with the same concerns © David Paul Morris / Bloomberg

For example, Europe is still far from compliant with the United States’ decision to ban all international intelligence in China, such as the Huawei 5G network.

Biden is also being downgraded for speculation in Europe over whether he will be re-elected in 2024 – a legacy that has been repeatedly stung by Trump’s embarrassment. The people of Europe listened respectfully as Biden looked to democracy against independence. But their biggest concern is the future of US democracy. Can Biden’s statement “America is back” finish the job?

“Europeans are as much affected by American divisions as they are to the future of global democracy,” said Brian Katulis, senior at the Center for American Progress, a liberal activist. “A European official told me that he was thinking about America when a disabled person heard that an organ was missing. Will it grow again?”

The relief that Biden received in Europe shows that he has reassured allies that America has backed down for some time. There was also commendation on Biden’s delivery of the message. Instead of talking about the US returning to the head of the table, Biden said America is “back on the table”. Instead of leading America, it was “America leading by its peers”. Such variability sounds minimal. But he showed an interest that has been missing recently. Europeans also said Biden spent many hours preparing for all their meetings.

“It was amazing to see the professional representatives working again,” Niblett said. “The Biden team knows a lot and understands the game.”

Then US President Donald Trump at the G7 Summit in Biarritz, France, in 2019
Then US President Donald Trump at the G7 Summit in Biarritz, France, in 2019 © Jeff J Mitchell / PA

Different glasses in China

It is no secret, however, that the Atlantic is no longer the world’s most famous nature resort in America. This difference is in the Indo-Pacific. Although this was President Biden’s first visit, his first meeting was similar in March with the leaders of Quad – US, Japan, India and Australia. Quad is not a valid contract. But it plays a bigger role in Biden’s agenda than Nato’s future.

“During the Obama era if you mention Quad, people think of America, Britain, France and Germany,” Hill said. “Now it could just mean Indo-Pacific.”

In the meantime, transatlantic relationships are moving into the realm of reconstruction. The coming months will show whether Biden’s most challenging approach to Russia will be beneficial. At a Putin press conference on Wednesday, he was asked if there was any connection between him and the US President. “There is no happiness in life,” Putin replied. “It’s just awesome.”

By removing the darkness of Russia, Putin could have offered a dialogue on the frontier of final ideas. The regions of Biden are clearly visible – the global and American settlement system for the first time among the like. That form is always impossible.

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