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AMD and OnePlus are the latest to block CES 2022 plans

Some of the big names are personal ban CES 2022 plans. CNET notes AMD is OnePlus all have relinquished their right to a formal ceremony. Although he did not elaborate, the move was due to the rise of the Omicron variants of COVID-19 and the corresponding increase in new cases. AMD is transforming its human experience into a reality “good” for everyone’s life, the company said.

AMD was already ready to launch its 2022 product via livestream on January 4. OnePlus will release new version OnePlus 10 Pro in Januware and rumors were leaked to CES.

The companies have partnered with a number of major brands that have left a lasting impression on CES, including Amazon, AT&T, GM, Google, Intel, Lenovo, Meta, Microsoft and T-Mobile. Some had already looked at actual shows, such as NVIDIA. Highlights such as LG, Samsung and Sony were still working on writing this.

CES developer, Consumer Technology Association, still preparation an in-person event and believes that its health and safety measures are adequate to protect attendees. It also reduced the number of departures, noting that there will be more new registrations than the ones that have been out since December 23. Things have changed in recent days, however, concerns over corporate growth over volume – this does not represent a CES revival if star influences do not appear.

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