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AMC CEO Appears Helpless With YouTube Questions

Gift: Trey’s ad (YouTube) / Gizmodo

AMC is very recent meme dear property thanks to online financial institutions, and CEO Adam Aron has been very lean a new entry into the company. However, I doubt he expects it to be a meme again, as is the case this week after he looked useless all this time. live interview and YouTuber.

On Thursday, Aron contacted Trey Collins, director of Trey’s Trades channel, to discuss AMC’s finances, from about $ 600 million started as a result of selling 11.5 million shares AMC would become popular among online retailers such as r / WallStreetBets on upcoming corporate sales aimed at making a “real profit” for shareholders. Aron’s camera falls around 14 minutes, revealing he’s done great sin of teleconferencing: Don’t worry about wearing pants.

Whether Aron wore a pair of shorts or a pair of short shorts is unknown, but it is clear he did not wear pants at the end of the second before reading the camera. Unfortunately, the AMC did not respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment.

The infamous Gaffe first appeared online, and made mark “ApesDontWearPants” (AMC dealers call themselves “apes”) as well a dedicated Twitter account for Arons pants which were MIA A video clip The current post on the WallStreetBets Reddit forum now has about 60,000 votes.

This only shows you that the popularity of the internet is a universal sword. Aron has been a major supporter of the AMC railway in recent months and A subtle cry for subreddit on queries and for ordering less money, no doubt for the sake of getting seats in the seats. Covid-19 plague almost bankruptcy AMC last year. In Oct. The turnover for the fourth quarter of 2020 dropped by 92% in the US and 89% worldwide compared with the same period in 2019, AMC reports.

The resilience of the stockbrokers has given AMC a much needed injection of money to continue as viewers begin to return home. On Thursday, Aron echoed the audience’s concerns, saying it would be beneficial for the company if its partners allowed AMC to offer millions of new shares.

“If you give us a tool – meaning property as a tool – to go and get access to AMC shareholders, we can do this,” he told Collins. “If we don’t have this tool, then you’re tying it up and you’re going to make it very difficult for us to get some of the fun opportunities that can benefit us all.”

But it seems that the request fell on deaf ears, as the online retailer Aron assisted with the departure was more concerned with his pants than with his business.

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