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Amazon’s plan to reduce storage injuries also includes corrective meditation

Instead of reducing productivity or allowing employees to participate , Amazon has decided, uh, to launch a health and wellness program for employees. “The program includes “physical and psychological activities, exercise and a healthy diet” which aims to rehabilitate workers and “reduce the risk of injury. “

There will be “healthy areas” where staff members can stretch and encourage each other for an hour “mentally and physically” which includes “breathing exercises and mindfulness monitoring.” There are also kiosks called “Zen” where co-workers can watch short videos on “guaranteed meditation, good assurances, sound comfort” and much more.

This happens a few months later from the Center for Investigative Reporting revealed that Amazon employees located in operating systems have a 50 percent greater risk of injury compared to other storage facilities. Part of the problem is that employees have to browse 400 items per hour instead of about 100 items at once.

Amazon has been rocked by some suspicious activity. It’s been of a company that does not allow its drivers to take a break and force them to move in bottles, Amazon drivers are entering , which results in employees being fired if they are unable to reach them, inclusive . Recently, the company again filed an unlawful lawsuit against him .

For its part, Amazon has also maintained that storage facilities in their homes make operations safer and more efficient. It’s also workers’ wages are $ 3 an hour and are said to be costing $ 300 million in security services this year.

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