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Amazon warned employees that its busy schedule could lead to suicide

In the US, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. The Crisis Text Line can be obtained by sending a HOME message to 741741 (US), 686868 (Canada), or 85258 (UK). Wikipedia is free a list of difficult lines to outsiders in those lands.

Amazon is reaching its climax – a term the company uses to describe the fifth holiday, as well as its corporate holiday, Prime Day – where its employees have a serious problem, which often requires extra hours and extra time. they were not allowed to arrange any holidays. It is also linked to the hiring of temporary workers, and the project 150,000 has increased this year, its biggest holiday hike so far.

They are busy at very good times. But according to an internal e-mail that Engadget saw, as well as testimonials from four current or former friends who were not named for fear of reprisals, it is the time of year when Amazon expects some of its partners to resolve their concerns with their peers. , or on their own.

“Peak is a busy time for our entire team because everyone is committed to helping customers receive their vacation papers on time. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed,” a lost email, dated November 23, reads. “And while most of us do not take risks for others, some people are able to act in a way that worries them.” This may be because of the many things in their life, not the things they experience at work. Regardless of the cause, workplace violence is not the answer.” [Emphasis theirs]

The employee who sent the email to Engadget did not recall similar messages on previous developments. “I’ve been with Amazon for over four years now and they haven’t mentioned anything about our ideas so far,” she wrote in an email. “Our leadership has not announced anything [other] than quota-related issues. “

The email goes on to show the connection between the grueling workload and the potential for self-injury. “Remember, your health is important, ”Says. , confidential advisers and other items.

Two of his friends who spoke with Engadget remembered being shown a video on a similar subject during his training.

“It was silly like calling a workplace, and talking about ‘if you feel like you want to hurt someone you can tell your supervisor and you will be allowed to leave work and go home.’ It was stupid, “recalled one. The same colleague also said that the workplace “is like a black hole for ‘press one for this’, I don’t know how to talk to a real person there.”

“He has a number you call if you start to commit suicide or get frustrated by overwork,” someone told Engadget. “They posted a video during the course in which they talked about how many employees feel this way. And this happened after it was revealed that we were not getting the schedules we wanted and we had to work 60 hours a week. It could be 40.”

2019 report in the Daily Beast to announce some of the 911 phones that rang inside Amazon’s warehouses, including a pregnant worker who threatened to stab herself and her unborn baby. Jace Crouch, a former employee quoted in this article, noted that “people are confused [are] which happens all the time “in these places.

An Amazon spokesman declined to comment on specific questions posted by Engadget, including whether the company had witnessed workplace violence. Instead the company made the following statement: “We know it has been a difficult year for everyone, and like many large companies, we work to support our teams in a variety of ways. This includes providing year-round support for anyone experiencing life or work stress. , making sure he looks and can ask for help if he needs it. “

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