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Amazon UK will not ban Visa cards on January 19th


Last November, Amazon notified customers to stop accepting Visa credit cards in the UK from January 19, 2022, and to criticize the high cost of Visa on credit card machines. Now, the company is back, telling customers via email that they will continue to receive Visa cards, especially for now.

“Expected changes to using a Visa credit card on it will not happen again on January 19, “an Amazon spokesman told Engadget.

The dispute has been escalating for some time, with Amazon previously claiming Visa to pay a credit card fee, and Visa said Amazon “threatens to block future consumer choices.” All of these companies, the global leaders of their companies, have already said they are trying to find an answer.

Amazon did not disclose much of what it said and did not set a deadline – so UK consumers can use their Visa cards in the future.

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