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Amazon sales reduce Fire Pills by 50 percent

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If you’ve been looking to sell to buy one of Amazon’s Fire HD tablets, today could be the day. You can buy the best items for sale, which have the best deals on Moto HD 8 with the Fire HD 8 Plus, it is always available for a discount of 50 percent. The Moto 7 is back to its Black Friday prices, and baby pills also have big discounts.

Buy a Fire 7 tablet from Amazon – $ 35
Buy a Fire 8 HD tablet from Amazon – $ 45
Buy Fire HD 8 Plus at Amazon – $ 55

We awarded the 2020 Fire HD 8 a good 81 of us Engadget Comment, thanks to this new design, switch to USB-C charging, longer battery life and better performance. The Fire HD 8 Plus, however, offers more RAM (3GB instead of 2GB), along with a faster processor and wireless charging support. Both models have 32GB of storage that can be expanded via MicroSD.

The Moto 7 and a budget option that comes with a 7-inch IPS display, 2MP front and rear cameras and Alexa handsets. It also offers seven hours of battery life, depending on what you are doing. The biggest downside is the lack of Google apps, but for $ 35, it’s as good as a reading tool, watching TV and browsing the internet.

If you are buying less, a Fire 7 Kids Pro tablet sells for $ 50, or half the regular price of $ 100. That price makes it a great option for budget kids, thanks to quality features (quad-core processor, dual cameras and storage), as well as Kids + which includes lessons from National Geographic, Rabbids Coding, LEGO and others.

Buy a Fire 7 Kids Pro tablet from Amazon – $ 50
Buy a Fire HD 8 Kids Pro tablet from Amazon – $ 80
Buy a Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet from Amazon – $ 140

Finally, the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro Tablet, with a similar appearance to the Fire HD 7 Kids Pro but with a slightly larger screen, is available for $ 80, saving 43 percent off the fixed price of $ 140. Finally, the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet it comes with a 10.1-inch 1080p display, dual cameras, USB-C and 3GB of RAM. This type is available for $ 140 instead of $ 200, discounting $ 60 or 30 percent.

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