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Amazon reminds employees of their right to follow the NLRB agreement

Conflict between Amazon and National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has taken another step after the company reached the entire country to resolve and organization. Amazon has agreed to remind current and former employees of the US of their right to work on information posted at work, as well as on the mobile app and employees’ website. Amazon will also send a copy of the notification to the addresses they have on file to each employee on site between March 22 and December 22.

This notice notifies employees that they have a legal right to enter, create or support a contract. They can choose a representative to negotiate with Amazon on their behalf and “work with other employees to benefit your safety.”

In addition, employees have the opportunity to organize in corporate environments. In the statement, Amazon states that it will not ask them to leave the house or threaten retribution “while exercising your right to collective bargaining or protection by negotiating with employees in non-working areas outside of your free time.” working hours. ”Nor will it ask employees about team work, or why they talk to co-workers, depending on the information.

It would be easy for the NLRB to sue Amazon if the agency believes it has violated the agreement. In that case, the company agreed to allow the NLRB to begin hearing the case, which could take a long time to complete.

“The agreement gives Amazon a great commitment to its millions of employees in the United States that it does not violate their right to co-operate to improve their work environment by forming a partnership or taking action,” NLRB chief executive Jennifer Abruzzo said. he tells The New York Times. Engadget contacted Amazon for comment.

The agreement deals with six lawsuits filed by employees who complained that Amazon was hampering their efforts to prepare. The company had already settled NLRB cases privately, but this was a much larger deal. The agreement includes the sayings of employees, but not contractors, who make up the bulk of the workforce on Amazon. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

NLRB and Amazon have been at loggerheads recently. In November, a labor union ordered Amazon to restart the alliance option at an Alabama warehouse. It said Amazon disrupted the process. Workers in some areas have tried to fix it – the ones in New York’s headquarters are try once again to connect after failing to obtain sufficient signatures end time.

Amazon has been criticized for a long time working conditions. Legislators this week he searched for answers from the company if its details contributed to the deaths of six people after a hurricane hit a warehouse in Illinois. Amazon soon warned his servants that the most tedious work of the holiday season could have a profound effect on their minds.

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