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Amazon is removing Prime Now and moving shipments into its launch program

Amazon is rolling out the app with its dedicated site of Prime Now making quick shipping available through Amazon’s great app and page. The change will be implemented globally by the end of the year, the company said to announce.

In the past, Amazon is moving its affiliate retailers and retail outlets offered through Prime Now to the app and the main page, including Bartell’s drugstore in Seattle, the Leeds office in the UK supermarket Morrison and the Monoprix retail store in Paris.

This secret switch is just one of Amazon’s biggest attempts to create both in and the mobile app. Two-hour shipping via Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods has been available on Amazon since 2019. In India, an online retailer has also added free video service to the Amazon app on Android (the company uses an advertising-supported platform, called IMDb TV, in the US).

In Amazon’s statement, the goal is to provide a one-stop shop for customers that makes shopping easier and more stable.

Amazon he found Prime Now in 2014 as a way to get Prime members to deliver fast, an hour or two, on things including household necessities, shopping, books and toys. Initially, the project was to go to Manhattan, New York, but Amazon expanded to 5,000 towns and cities with a two-hour free trial, according to CNBC. All Foods has been instrumental in its growth, with Amazon claiming to be expanding its sales to make more people more receptive.

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