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Amazon is discounting its new Omni 4K TVs for $ 150


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Friday may be about three weeks old, but TV commercials have already begun. Amazon has dropped some of its 4 TVs and Omni 4K TVs, setting the first time they have been on sale since the company. he explained in early September. In the meantime, you can find out 50- and 55 inches Omni types of $ 360 are $ 410. In most cases, those sets cost $ 510 and $ 560, so you save about 30 percent on the price of both TVs.

Buy Omni 4K TV (55-inch) on Amazon – $ 410
Buy Omni 4K TV (50-inch) on Amazon – $ 360

All Omni have support for HDR10, HLG and Dolby Digital Plus. It also comes with a regular version of Fire TV, and is heavily integrated with other Amazon features. For example, if you have a Ring the doorbell, you will be able to communicate with your guests. You can also connect an internet camera to a TV to use on Alexa and Video calls. If you are in the market for a TV with Dolby Vision, you should be looking at the most expensive 65- and 75-inch Omni for that.

If you want to spend less money on TV and Alexa handless is not your retail space, Amazon has also reduced its costs. 50- and 55 inches 4-series models. Currently priced at $ 330 and $ 380, down from $ 470 to $ 520. Again, you are saving about 30 percent on the price of both groups.

Buy 4-series 4K TV (55-inch) on Amazon – $ 380
Buy 4-series 4K TV (50-inch) on Amazon – $ 330

It is worth noting that the LED panels on all four sets have 60Hz, so they are. not ideal for sports. But if you are watching the cheap TV you want to use for watching movies alone, you can do worse than a TV from the Omni or 4-series families.

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