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Amazon has shut down US construction sites after finding the seventh noise | Business and Financial Issues

Another cable car was found this week in Windsor, Connecticut, Amazon said on Friday to close the facility until Monday for more security measures.

Amazon has temporarily closed a new warehouse in Connecticut in the United States after a seventh bundle was found hanging from a tree, on several occasions by local police calling “possible” corruption cases.

Another rope was found Wednesday on this page in Windsor, about 16km (10 miles) north of Hartford, prompting a legal investigation and summoned by the National Association for the Advancement of Colors People (NAACP) on Thursday to suspect suspects. or those who suspect them will be judged.

Amazon has said it will close the site until Monday for more security measures.

“We continue to be very disappointed with what is happening on the construction site in Windsor,” Amazon said. Hatred, racism or xenophobia has no place in our community and we will not allow jobs in Amazon. ”

Windsor police say they are working with the FBI and state police. The prize money has been increased to $ 100,000 for information leading to the identification of offenders. The first cable was found at the site last month.

NAACP leaders in Connecticut met with local and regional government officials at a press conference outside the area on Thursday to condemn what they called racism.

“We have come to ensure that people are safe,” said Scot X Esdaile, President of the NAACP. “We make sure the voice is clear and that this is supported professionally and adequately.”

Carlos Best, a metalworker and webmaster, said he had heard allegations of racism there, including remarks made by a sacked employee.

“Personally, in this work, I have seen racism,” he told a news conference. “This is not the only construction site where these things happen, and they have to stand.”

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