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Amazon condemned another free advertising campaign, this time in India


Amazon doesn’t just rely on it IMDb TV providing free video. Products reports that Amazon has also released a free video, MiniTV, in India. It also incorporates the old ones, as well as the hybrids with other things like YouTube, but you can expect “new and special” movies in the future.

MiniTV is available via Amazon’s Amazon app right now, but it should be available for iOS and the internet “in the coming months.” The company did not say whether the project would reach other countries in the future.

The service seems to be responding to Walmart-owned Flipkart, which promoted its app search engine in 2019. It could also provide Amazon with another way to prevent viewers from having to travel to other paid destinations in India such as Netflix or Disney + Hot.

If there is global expansion, it could also help Amazon to cope with the growing number of free, supported ad-supported video editors in other countries. The program of Roku Video, Peacock the free part is Fox Tub they are all growing rapidly with a mix of licensed and original videos. IMDb TV responds to the competition to some degree, but Amazon does not feel it is enough – nor in other countries.

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