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Amazon also restores shellfish services in all its storage areas

Amazon retailers will also need to wear masks. The change comes at a time when US lawsuits have grown increasingly due to Omicron’s diversity, and will apply to “all offices, FCs. [fulfillment centers], manufacturing facilities, and shipping facilities, “operates today, according to an email he shared with Engadget.

Amazon made temperature checks and masking a required in April last year. It allowed people who were 14 days or older after exceeding their final dose to be vaccinated. Mother. That choice was observed, especially by other employees, such as quickly.

“You can choose to wear a double layer of face mask, reusable and / or discarded, as long as it complies with the safety requirements on the site (such as not making scarves, bandanas, or gaiters)” the email says, ” when you go into the house. ” The company wrote that it expects the demand to remain only in the winter.

While it is commendable that the company is trying to reduce the spread of the virus during the busiest time period, Amazon does not have a history of too much sun when COVID options are affected. Workers at several sites complained that they were not informed when positive cases were found in their area. In California, the company was stupid $ 500,000 on “concealing” charges against employees.

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