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All of Eva: A high-quality PC that struggles to retaliate against corrupt customers

Photo Framework: By 2016, Eve had a consumer, transparent statement posted on her page.

By 2016, Eva had a user-friendly voice, which was clearly visible on her page.

The story of the three Eves

Karatsevidis and the entire Eve team moved the community to a series of delays, but frustration remained at the meetings. Nearly all customers who joined Engadget purchased Eve Vs in late 2017 or early 2018, and when Eva responded to a full refund, she jumped. This restoration has never happened, and in the case of Eve-Tech, it was not her responsibility.

What was not immediately known to outside viewers was that Eve-Tech always wanted to be a more authoritative company than a real arms manufacturer. Karatsevidis put things in perspective in the 2019 forum post, recognizing that the company had participated in a three-year ‘licensing’ process with vendors who would eventually work on the production and distribution of V.

“Our Helsinki team and company invested in R&D, design, branding, and marketing,” Karatsevidis wrote at the time. “For the company’s sales we are able to use our type of technology, equipment, boardboards, and much more at a cost to pay for a license to sell, manage manufacturing, shipping, replacement and much more.”

Unfortunately for everyone involved, one of the companies Eve-Tech signed an agreement with a Hong Kong-based company called Fortress Tech Distribution Limited, which was supposed to use the company’s sales and ordering and shipping orders. Karatsevidis noted that the Eve-Tech relationship was strained by the wall as a result of “problems related to the sale of goods, fees suspended by payers and unexpected shipments, which upset the community and damaged our nation.” According to Eve-Tech’s misconceptions, because the wall is the one that receives people’s money and controls the distribution of systems, the responsibility for repaying that money fell on them. (Note: Karatsevidis did not respond to multiple queries before being published.)

At present, it is not clear how the company is still operating. According to documents from the Hong Kong Integrated Company Register, Fortress Tech Distribution was merged on December 2, 2016, with its head office and one-room office building in the Wan Chai district office. We contacted the house, but the staff did not confirm whether the room was still in use, and we were unable to contact Wa Wa Liu, the man mentioned at the event as the company’s director.

While Liu may have been a manager at Fortress, someone was responsible for consolidating the company. According to an initial preview by ar / EveV’s Miller, the record was kept in Hong Kong’s Companies Register by MianZe Zheng in November 2016, and the same name appears in the minutes of Eve-Tech meetings as the minority participants control about 20% of all corporate segments. This strange repetition has led to rumors that Eve-Tech had a Fortress Tech Distribution, but the exact nature of their relationship is still unclear.

Eve began collecting a request for reimbursement and public assistance in mid-2019, more than a year after the original issues were reported.

Interestingly, the place where Karatsevidis mentioned the hardships of Fortress ended with two pieces of the gospel. First, he announced a new company that could thrive from a ‘licensed’ model and allowed the team to set up a new online store and sell global sales, with the help of its “top” partner partner PCH International. What he did not mention was that, as part of the plan, to improve the brand will be sold to Eve-Tech CFO Tuukka Korhonen, who formed a new Hong Kong company called Eve Holdings Limited in early 2017 and took over as another general manager, Eve Distribution Limited. dealing with making and selling Eve’s products going forward.

The second good news was that, in the end, customers who bought their Eve Vs from Fortress were able to directly request the pre-packaged brand for a refund. As one would expect from a company that encounters frequent problems, this was added to the meeting two months after its first publication. Still, the end seemed imminent.

What about Eve-Tech? The company that started it all? We are not entirely sure. What we do know is that, while he continues to be the Eve Distribution consultant, Konstantinos Karatsevidis is no longer the CEO of Eve-Tech.

According to the minutes we received at the Eve-Tech share conference from October 2019, the first business plan was to establish a working working order for Eve-Tech and the company manager here Eve Distribution Velimir Elezovic as a senior. From what we understand, his role as CEO has so far been taken over by a corporate restructuring that makes the formerly known Eve Eve Tech a company called Veleventures. The problem is, the process was temporarily halted because external research found (among other things) a series of late and inaccurate financial files and little evidence that Eve-Tech / Veleventures could make money to support itself through restructuring.

The reason, in a nutshell: Eve-Tech is in someone else’s hands, has tried to change its name a number of times, and seems to have no value. Distress Tech Distribution was designated as the Azazel goat and appears to be non-existent. The only thing left to do with the world is Eva Distribution. The problem is that, while it has attracted the attention of local people in terms of repayment, it is not known when – or even – it will be able to reimburse people.

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