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All kinds of sugar devices can completely eliminate the problem of insulin injections

People with diabetes have a number of problems, especially with regard to diet. Not only do they need to measure the amount of sugar in their blood and inject the right insulin, but they carry it all appropriate equipment with them. Researchers at MIT and Brigham and Women’s Hospital have been able to solve a number of headaches, however. They are to be exalted all-in-one (non-pictorial) tools that measure sugar, calculate the required amount of insulin and inject you accordingly.

The first device consists of a blood-sucking lancet, a sugar test tube and an insulin needle. Users can take a photo of their food using a mobile app to compare food intake with carbohydrate intake. Afterward, they begin the process of collecting blood, counting sugar (again through the program) and providing the right insulin.

The second tool only needs to lock one needle – it can make a sugar sensor in the insulin needle and inject the right insulin. You have to wait five or ten seconds, but you will not have to cling to it twice.

This technology has no alternatives. Although the first device would use components that were previously approved by the FDA, it has not been tested in humans. The second, meanwhile, uses a new type of sensor that may require more work to be tested by humans. Scientists have applied for patents on both devices and are looking forward to working with companies to advance development.

There is a strong incentive to bring these weapons to market, at least. People with diabetes only need to use one food supplement, and with a hybrid / needle sensor they can feel a little pain. This, in turn, can encourage full-time care that enhances your overall health.

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