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All-In-One Vision Of The 15,000 New York Monitoring Cameras

New video from the human rights organization Amnesty International showcases the more than 15,000 cameras used by the New York Police department, for monitoring and control. facial recognition hunting. The 3D model shows a 200-meter-long camera, part of a sweeping net that captures the unconscious movements of nearly half the city’s inhabitants, placing them at risk of ignorance. The group is the first to map the location of most cameras in the country.

Amnesty International and a team of volunteer researchers have mapped out potential camera feeds for NYPD’s he challenged face-recognition systems in three city stadiums – Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx – gained 15,280 total. Brooklyn is the most controlled, with more than 8,000 cameras.

A video by Amnesty International shows how New York City’s viewing cameras work.

“You are not known at all,” said Matt Mahmoudi, an AI researcher who is leading the project. The NYPD has used cameras in about 22,000-face recognition hunting since 2017, according to NYPD documents obtained by the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, a New York-based intelligence group.

Mahmoudi says: “Whether you’re taking part in a demonstration, going to a certain place, or even shopping at a mall, your face can be followed by a facial recognition technician that uses images taken by thousands of cameras in New York.”

Cameras are usually installed at the top of the house, on streetlights, and at intersections. The city has hundreds of cameras; In addition, private businesses and homeowners they often offer the opportunity to be available to the police.

Police can compare faces captured by these cameras to fraudulent stockpiles to search for suspects. Earlier this year, the NYPD he had to reveal details of its facial features for public comment. But this did not include the amount or location of the cameras, or details of the length stored or shared.

Amnesty International has found that cameras are often located in many parts of the world. The most controlled area is NYC and East New York, Brooklyn, where the team found 577 cameras in less than 2 miles. More than 90 percent of the population of East New York they are not clean, according to city data.

Facial recognition systems they often do not do it right for dark-skinned people than light-skinned people. In 2016, researchers at the University of Georgetown found that the police departments across the country he used facial recognition to determine who would suspect him more than whites.

In a statement, a NYPD spokesman said the department does not arrest anyone “except for face-to-face investigations,” and uses the search tool “suspects or suspects in connection with the investigation of a particular case.”

“When photographs are taken near or near a particular problem, a photograph of a suspect can be made against a barn that only has criminals legally established according to the original arrest,” he says.

Amnesty International is releasing maps and videos they have as part of their #BantheScan campaign urging city officials to stop police from using the weapon in front of the city’s mayor later this month. In May, Vice He asked those who wanted to be mayor if they can help prevent facial recognition. Although many did not respond to the question, contestant Dianne Morales told the publishers that they supported the ban, while contestants Shaun Donovan and Andrew Yang also asked for a review before deciding on any legislation.

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