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Alfa Romeo will launch the Giulia electric sedan in 2024


Italian carmaker Alfa Romeo is making an all-electric version of its Giulia four-door sedan. In an interview with , Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO of the company, said Alfa Romeo will launch EV sometime in 2024. Stellantis.

Conglomerate announced the architecture last summer. At the time, it said it would allow its vehicles to go from zero to 60 in as little as two seconds, allowing them to travel up to 500 miles. Dodge, one of the automaker manufacturers under the Stellantis umbrella, will use the platform. in is planning to make its first public appearance in 2024. Alfa Romeo could also offer Giulia’s Quadrifoglio, but Imparato said it would depend on whether he could find a type of game associated with the moniker.

Guilia is part of the EVs Alfa Romeo series for the second half of the decade. “The first full EV will come in 2024 and we will see a major launch in 2025, 2026, and we will see Alfa Romeo as a complete BEV in 2027. This has been confirmed and funded,” said Imparato. Auto Express. If it can be fully electronic by 2027, Alfa Romeo will be the first Stellantis brand to do so.

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