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Affordable technology in Amazon may be ready to buy in supermarkets

It seems that Amazon is finally ready to bring tech-free grocery technology to supermarkets. Preparation plans Bloomberg those in Connecticut boast the same as they do Amazon Go Shopping Center, as well as entry and exit doors and roof rails that support camera crews, as well as local server locations.

Advertisers in Go stores, which are available from 2018, switch their phones as they pass through the gateways. Shelf cameras and sensors track what they put in their car. They charge for the items they take out of the store.

Using technology in a store that has about 7,000 shopping malls (such as Go Grocery’s largest retail store) is easier than having them in a store. The pre-arranged site has three times less space than the Go store and can accommodate more people at once.

However, it seems that Amazon has managed to grow the image fully and cheaply enough to use it in the market. Hate companies working professionally without money said that with a year or two left to bring it to the supermarket, it looks like Amazon is coming for them.

Although Amazon was not named in the plans, the dates are said to be very similar to the documents the company has kept in other markets. Construction work on the Bloomfield store, which may be Amazon New Location, is inside. Amazon has opened 12 new stores and says it has more services in the US.

This week, Amazon brings its expertise that gives you the opportunity to pay for your analysis of Whole Foods stores in Whole Foods stores, starting with a location in Seattle. The company has been using the technology easily and easily in the bookstore, as well 4-star shopping mall.

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