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Advertisers are tightening their defenses to keep pace with rising US prices

Investors are doing more to protect US inflation, which is expected to rise sharply in the coming years, highlighting a recent sign that inflationary pressures are continuing despite widespread sales.

The rate calculated by the Minneapolis Federal Reserve based on the optional trade shows one-third chance that U.S. consumer prices will rise above 3% over the next five years.

The escalation of the crisis over the past eight years shows how traders are trying to protect themselves from rising inflation, although Wall Street economists still expect a sharp rise in prices as economic growth accelerates.

A lot of information released last week shows that investors have bought $ 14.4bn a Wealth protected by inflation in 2021 he has added additional evidence to show that accountants are keen to protect their records.

“The market is not boasting. “The market is uncertain,” said David Riley, chief technology officer at BlueBay Asset Management.

Fears of rising prices have shaken the $ 21tn market in debt to the US government, which sets the basis for global mortgage rates, as inflation quickly eats up on the established levels of bonds. The Old Treasury suffered greatly selling for 40 years In the first half of this year, Joe Biden’s $ 1.9tn program to promote and disseminate a good vaccine highlighted the economic implications.

However, sales have lost steam in recent weeks, with the 10-year-old share of Treasure falling nearly 1.55% from about 1.8% at the end of March. Yields fall as prices rise.

Riley said what the Minneapolis Fed showed was that traders are concerned about rising prices but are not sure if that will happen. “If the market was really priced at more than a Fed target next year and beyond, I think [yields] it would be very high, ”he said.

However, Arend Kapteyn, an economist at the savings bank at UBS, said investors had been “throwing first and asking questions later” on the issue of rising prices.

Fed officials see the risk of inflation as “Properly”, according to the minutes of its March meeting, policymakers point to forces that could encourage inflation in either direction.

The central bank is pushing inflation by about 2%, although it said it was willing to go beyond the limits to address past shortcomings. Customer prices rose annually at an annual rate of 2.6% in March, but economists said the temporary increase was boosted by a sharp return on electricity prices. The ‘core’ ratio, which would not include food and energy, rose by 1.6 percent.

Tree growth is depleted and disrupted productivity increases wrote a list of business problems since March, ahead of the Covid-19, according to a study by Bank of America financial analysts.

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