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Activist Edward Bramson admits defeat in Barclays campaign


Investor Edward Bramson has admitted he has been suspended for three years for the release of Barclays boss Jes Staley and forcing the lender to reduce his banking debt.

Sherborne Investors, a Bramson-funded fund, said on Friday that it had sold its 6% stake in Barclays at a median price of 186p, higher than 73p of stocks sold last year, but less than 200p when it first sold in March 2018. In most cases, Sherborne was a shareholder. the largest at Barclays.

“The share transaction that raised Barclays and many other shares in the bank could continue, even if it is delayed in the bank,” Sherborne said in a statement.

“We think the new funding will bring good results and there is a definite hope that we will start working,” it added, not realizing its purpose.

Bramson’s opposition to Barclays’ views focused on a savings bank, which Staley refused to leave despite having several years of compensation compared to the club’s sales and credit cards.

However, during the coronavirus epidemic revenues from the retail sector and bank overcrowding in the major markets and the high demand for credit. At the same time, the money raised from the sellers went into deep debt and reduced spending.

Staley said the experience confirmed his view that the savings bank was better off dealing with lending to sellers in times of crisis.

Sherborne also claimed that Staley was not eligible for most of the loans due to his previous relationship with the fraudulent Jeffrey Epstein, who was Staley’s client while at JPMorgan Chase. Bramson called for an immediate end to the incident “Disruption. . . this game ”.

Chairman Nigel Higgins continued to support Staley, but has begun searching for his successor, the Financial Times reported.

After the outbreak, Bramson briefly halted their campaign, but restart again in last August. He was so frustrated with trying to secure a seat in 2019 and failed to fully support his ideas from others he shared.

A secret fund is set up in Guernsey and Bramson does not offer frequent negotiations, choosing to communicate via mail to money changers.

“Business is not a science and that’s why people who are interested are sometimes different,” he said from the bag. “With that spirit in mind, Sherborne Investors expresses their deep desire for the success of Barclays, its partners, and its investors.”

Barclays declined to comment.


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