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Access points have been restarted as Spotify Greenroom


When Spotify bought recently Leaning point by builder Betty Labs in order to strengthen its competition for the Clubhouse, the company said it would eventually re-launch the program with a new name to reflect its combined interest. The name will be Spotify Greenroom. CEO Daniel Ek announces the changes to the company’s most recent portfolio For Record podcasts.

With all the companies looking, plus Twitter and Facebook, moving to the auditorium, Ek also stated why this is happening. “Like news with a video where every major platform has it as one way to communicate with the audience, I also see the voice in the same way,” he said on the podcast. “I hope all platforms will have it.”

As for how Ek sees Greenroom stand out in the rocky beach of the ClubhouseThat’s what Spotify, a competitive network, said. The company has taken millions of lives Joe Rogan, Bruce Springsteen and former President Barack Obama for podcast items only. It is also widely used to find such networks Gimlet Media and The show. He also mentioned Spotify’s userbase, which has grown by 11 million in the last three months to provide Mark 356 million.

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