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A study of Chinese history lays the foundation for the third century Xi


Xi Jinping has summoned Chinese Communist party officials to Beijing for a conference expected to open the way for a third term in office next year.

The party’s annual general meeting, or plenum, of the party’s General Committee is reviewing and endorsing a strange “misunderstanding” of China’s history, and comes just four months after Xi led a major celebration of 100 years of age about the establishment of the party.

Both Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping, two other revolutionary party leaders with whom Xi is aligned, received similar rulings early in their long reign.

Mao was the undisputed leader of the party for more than 30 years and Deng ruled for about 15 years, removing the country from the Maoist autarky and opening up its wealth abroad.

Although Deng used his idea to criticize the future years of Mao’s rule, and to approve his new economic plan, experts said Xi’s idea would ignore the conflicting events in the party’s history and portray him as a successor, leading China to its rightful place. world powers by the middle of the century.

Approving the plenum plan last month, a 25-member politburo cited Chinese officials’ claims history to continue connecting Mao, Deng and Xi while ignoring temporary people like former President Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao. Mao, he said, united China, while Deng made it rich and Xi made it stronger.

“China has made a huge leap from standing up and becoming rich to being strong,” the Politburo said. “China’s major reforms have gone down in history.”

At this week’s rally, which ends on Thursday, state journalists have been praising Xi, who is often referred to as the president and secretary general of the party but the “leader of the people”.

A long article published by the Xinhua news agency over the weekend called Xi “a man of determination and action, a man of deep thought and imagination, a man who inherited but tried to create something new, a man with a vision for the future. And is willing to work tirelessly.” .

Xi made it clear that he envied Mao and rejected the many organizational changes that Deng had promoted, including a clear separation of party and state responsibilities and a transfer of power on a regular basis every ten years. He is now expected to remain party and government leader for another five to 10 years, as well as a lifelong national ruler.

“Mao is the symbol of Xi,” said Steve Tsang, director of the Soas China Institute in London. “This idea should be relevant throughout the 100 years of the party and provide the best possible analysis of the party – it is always right if it is not always right, and among China’s achievements today,” he said. he added.

“In this sense, Xi is launching a third phase – and the beginning of his tenure – as chief executive next year,” Tsang said.

The fact that Xi took him almost a decade to get a party verdict in history is a sign of his need for a lifetime of power, even though there are no internal opponents.

Wu Qiang, a former lecturer at Tsinghua University and a political activist, said the decision was to “prepare China for the Xi religion”.

He added: “The decision is based on self-assurance. It will ignore the negative aspects of party history and destroy the world. Xi has used school and non-institutional methods to establish all the power around him. ”

Another thing that could threaten Xi’s hopes of a transition to the third term is his government’s gambling on “zero Covid” principles. This guide has it closed The second largest economy in the world to go and travel abroad and could remain in place until Xi was sworn in as the third president at the March 2023 National People’s Congress ceremony.

Xi needs to know about rejecting this approach and that is why he wants some of his ‘partner’. [for him] impressive failure before [next year’s] Congress, ”said Tsang.

“But it’s another Xi [who seems] are you worried that China will be wiped out of the world? Unless he sees that the financial crisis is escalating, I believe he is free of the restrictions that have to go between ‘Covid-free’ China and all other countries with Covid. ”

Additional reports of Xinning Liu in Beijing


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