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A Sony hand-filled human handheld device operates by hand

You can already find keyboards and other tools logical knitting according to your style, but what if you can use this on any electronic device? Sony might have an answer. I am revenge Sonic hand cable that beats the sound of any device with a 3.5mm or USB interface. You can raise your hand to increase the delay of the DJ mix, roll to drop the wax on the keyboard or swipe to add filters to the electric guitar.

You need an iOS or iPadOS device to use this app (sorry, even Sony’s Xperia phones does not work here), and you may want a Lightning or USB-C adapter. The Bluetooth-based band lasts up to six hours of mixing, or 2.5 hours if you turn on the LED to add color to your system. You can also put the band on the back of your hand if its regular position does not meet the requirements.

Work to pay more people by June 28, and the first batches should be sent by March 2022 to American and Japanese sponsors if their efforts are successful. You may want to act quickly if you like the idea. Motion Sonic is available for about $ 219 pledge for the first 400 agents, but will go up to $ 249 if you wait too long. Yes, there are a number of things you can do when traveling, but it can be tricky if you want to increase the sensitivity of your music – even if your hands are not comfortable.

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