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A recent Google advertisement raises profits for photography


Google Parental Records documented what happened Tuesday as the epidemic kept people at home, watching YouTube videos and clicking on the company’s online advertising.

It also announced a $ 50bn refund program, helping to send its shares up to 4.5% on sales after hours. This gave the senior analyst a market cap of more than $ 1.6tn for the first time. Apple, Microsoft and Amazon alone are huge.

Total revenue in the first three months of this year rose to $ 55.3bn, The scripture said, up to 34% from $ 41.2bn and easily remove expectations of $ 51.6bn. Total revenues increased by 162% to $ 17.9bn, against a $ 10.5bn expert agreement, as calculated by Visible Alpha.

“People have turned to Google Search and more online services for more information, connections and entertainment,” said Sundar Photosi, chief executive officer.

Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat said the figures “show an increase in online shopping and a significant increase in advertiser marketing”.

Revenue from the Google search business increased by 30% to $ 31.9bn. The group claims that retailers have led the way due to “being near me” and “kerbside hunting”, with groups such as Dick’s Sporting Goods doubling its ecommerce business within plague.

YouTube revenue has grown by 49% to $ 6bn, with business owner Philipp Schindler telling investors that Google is “still exploring what is possible” to turn the video into a major advertising platform.

“The old ways of reaching the audience through (television) no longer work,” he said. “Advertisers are using YouTube now to reach people they can’t find anywhere else.”

After its release, Labels had settled on $ 135bn of revenue. Its new $ 50bn refund plan is double the size of the final permit in 2019.

In the regions, Alphabet earnings rose 44% in Asia, 33% in the US, and 25% in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in the first place.

Revenue from Google’s unsolicited search, including the Android app market and its accessories such as Pixel phones and talking speakers, has grown 46% to $ 6.5bn.

The company’s Google Cloud unit – a remote site that provides clouds after Amazon and Microsoft – has added $ 4bn in revenue, amounting to 45.6%. While the device continues to cost money, losses were reduced to $ 974m from $ 1.73bn last year.

All the results show that Porat is looking at spending and losses, which have dropped 17% to $ 38.9bn, $ 1bn less than experts predicted. Sales, marketing and administration costs were all relatively straightforward, contributing to the slowdown at the end of the operation from 19% last year to 30%.

Similarly, “Betting Others”, in which the Labels form groups including its non-driving driving company Waymo, life science researcher Verily and “factory of the moon” X, lost only $ 1.14bn, 2% more than a year ago. Meanwhile, revenues from emerging businesses rose 47% to $ 198m.

Photosi said the company plans to invest more than $ 7bn in US offices and data centers this year, creating “at least 10,000 new jobs”.


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