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A new anti-bullying tool enables users to delete comments

Later it has recently been added filtering comments, TikTok brings some to reduce harassment and bullying. As of today in selected markets, the company allows manufacturers to delete their comments and block multiple accounts, up to 100 at a time.

“In order to streamline video, people can click a comment or use a pencil in the left corner to open a window. citing multiple reports or banning multiple users, ”wrote the company.


The move is the latest in a series of TikTok anti-bullying efforts, in the aftermath. reports showed that it was a big problem for young people on the platform. In addition to allowing users to approve comments before posting, it further encouraged readers to think before posting unsolicited comments. It also added restrictions on DMs, reviews etc. for users ages 13-17, as well as a A bullying guide to peer pressure .

Other pages like Instagram and Twitter have added comment filters and other anti-bullying tools. All of this is happening following reports of cyberbullying a large amount such as the COVID-19 epidemic as a time of youth empowerment.

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