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A Long ‘Sorrow,’ African Postapocalyptic Games


In recent years, Kenya has become the world’s leading capital, and in 2010, WIRED named it Silicon Savannah. According to Charles Ogeto, CEO of the African Games Broadcaster in Nairobi Ludique Work, there are about 20 professional theaters in the country. “We are still lagging behind in South Africa,” he said, “but the gaming industry is booming as Kenya benefits from affordable mobile phones, new training institutions that focus on game development skills, and a growing youth market for mobile phones.”

Video production is the first of its kind for Rigaudis and Musau. To begin with Face work, founded Jiwe in June 2020 and recruited twelve professionals. Among them were Telvin Njoroge, 25, and Arnold Mwaura, 22, who trained themselves and participated in the game from last summer until February.

Face Part and 2.5D platform. The players lead Ophelia and Ulysses as they flee to Paris on a boat that will take them to the African gate, the island of Lampedusa. They must cross corporate ruins, refugee camps, and areas controlled by all border police. In the middle, the smuggler, Felix, asks Ulysses to find medicine in the abandoned lab to cure his wife.

“We worked together in the beginning,” says Mwaura. “Once we knew what he could do and what I could do, we shared things. Telvin worked in AI, and I did the same. ”

After the alpha release last December, he spent a lot of time fixing corruption to make it happen. “We had a long list,” recalls Njoroge, while laughing and searching for a file on his computer. “One of the biggest things we had was our AI; it wasn’t following the players. At one point, the man had to climb to the very top, and he would go up and up without stopping.”

In the meantime, most bugs have been fixed and the game is smooth, except for the final episode, where Ulysses and Ophelia sometimes cling for a few seconds in strange places where they fall into the trenches, where they are thrown by police boundaries.

Following a series of fruitless attempts, I jumped over all the canals and finished boarding the boat. At the final cut point, it leaves the beach and disappears into the mold. Then the message “to continue” in black appeared on my screen. After playing half an hour, it was kind of frustrating, as I was just starting to get immersed in it Face the whole universe.

That said, the first short section is designed to be interesting for a large, long-term economy that could significantly affect the visual and dynamic potential of the story.

The team at Jiwe is still working Face: Part II, which is expected to be released in July or August 2021, before a Section Three edited in 2022. All of these will be made in full 3D. “In Section II, we will confuse the characters, the players will learn about Ophelia’s barns and others around her such as Ulysses, “says Kennady Kyalo. At 31, this 3D artist is directing work to create a file of Face the whole universe.

Post-game visual effects and expensive visuals are compelling, but it’s clear where they came from. “We were encouraged by Blade Runner 2049 and video games such as Far Cry New Morning and Our Last Part II, ” Kyalo says. “We wanted to explain the secrets, which is why we used a lot of fog to hide the environment. We also wanted to play with the winter, as the sun has stopped rising. It’s dark, cold, and you can’t tell what time it is.”


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