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A Google service provider can fill out your payment information upon receipt


Google continues to crawl new because Agent every time set among them they are ready and today announced the Spring 2021 update team. Since we order more and stay home, it revolves around reducing the dining options of restaurants and making your smart home easier.

Google has been using its Duplex AI technology to help change the details of the restaurant business on Maps, and back when we came out more, too has enabled users to reserve a phone. This week, Duplex will help you complete the payment when you order through the restaurant page. You need to first search for the Google App on Android, click “Order Online” and select your items. When you are ready to visit and if you are in one of Google’s restaurants, the Assistant “simply navigates the page and records the payments and payments stored in Google Pay and modified by Chrome Autofill.”

Obviously, if you use it as GrubHub, Uber Food, Stable or Followers, this may not be the best. But in restaurants that are affiliated with Google and nowhere near the most popular platform, this can make it easier for paid services. Also, you do not need to transfer your payment information to another platform for Google to remember it. This is available with selected chains so far, and the company says it intends to add more US locations by the end of this year.

IPhone users with Google home smartphones can also expect something new. This week, you will be able to ask your sponsors demonstrations or speakers “Find my phone” and it will show your device which is not available. While this was already available on Android devices, the installation of iOS was difficult, which involved the Assistant dialing your phone number. It wasn’t really strange. Now, iPhones with the Google Home app installed with supported notifications will receive notification and cry even when they are silent or Uninterrupted.


The rest of this week Affiliate updates are for Routines. Google is launching a sunrise or sunset today that will give you time to do whatever you want in the morning or evening. Some services, such as Belkin’s Wemo, have had the ability to track your solar system or sunset for years, but Google offers other services.

To encourage you to make more Routines, the company is adding a new component in the already developed programs of the Home program to monitor what has happened. You can see what other users have installed in their homes so you can set up (or remove) your favorite. Routines updates are available worldwide.


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