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3 Sci-Fi Short Movies and Dangerous: Natural Disasters, Robot Fun

The most observant robot takes the world over the images of Critical Component.

‘It’s time to dump her and move on all the videos you missed in 2021, and all reward recipients More and more is the theater this time of year. But if you only have a few minutes left, we have three sci-fi and horror movies that are a little better. fun bites.

1) Other Requirements

Shared with About the Sabbath, Quinn George’s Significant other he tells us to the family in the middle of the night, about to be in the midst of a fight over a strange thing which is probably the illusion of light or something worse. It’s short, confusing, it makes good use of settings that are only one way, and it doesn’t feel the need to express itself. It will make you unstable.

2) Challenge Section

From Dust comes with a brief sketch of Derek Frederickson Challenge Section about a dangerous-eyed robot, circling the legs that are about to go into the world, but realized that it has the wrong part. What is the youngest child interested in and confident about to prepare? Make a mistake or two, perhaps stumbling a little — and then, with a little help, finding his true purpose.

3) They Came From Below

When “they” pops up in a horror movie title, you know to be on alert for whoever or whatever that might refer to. Dylan Doornbos Hayes’ short stars It and Lock & KeyJackson Robert Scott is a child who begs to be at home while his sister runs to the store — but soon begins to have deep thoughts of being alone in the dark. He came from the Earth it’s unlikely (Scott certainly has a market based on “young brothers facing adversity”), and his last shot leaves you wondering what happened and then not feeling like a police officer.

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