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2022 Sees Growth in Creative Design and Information Technology in Media & Entertainment DailyCoin Writer

2022 Will See Growth in Creative Design and Machine Learning in Media & Entertainment

In its latest paper, 70 Technology Trends That Will-and Will Not-Shape 2022, ABI researchers identify 35 factors that could change the technical market and 35 others that, while attracting many ideas and comments, will not move. needles in the next 12 months. “The decline in COVID-19 prevention strategies, the transition from epidemics to widespread disease, and global political turmoil are seriously undermining the prospects for the coming years. as the world begins to emerge in the shadow of COVID-19.

Events for 2022:

Boom for AI and ML

The role of AI and ML in the media & entertainment industry will grow significantly in 2022, with an estimated US $ 9.5 billion by 2022 combined with video marketing expertise. Due to the fast competition from direct buyers, it has become necessary for those in charge (e.g., to pay TV operators, broadcasters) to reduce costs, reduce costs, and remove excess value from existing customers. The role of AI / ML here is increasingly in the families that are following and upgrading, completely changing the course of events, and protecting what users and their services are.

AI / ML will also play a major role in marketing strategy to elevate your preferences as well as well-known ads and serve as a distinction. This is especially important when tracking changes to third-party targeting tools (e.g., Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) and third-party cookies) and increasing interest in privacy. The result of this is that the advertising market will not suffer as much as some fear due to privacy changes.

What will not happen in 2022:

Metaverse Will Not Come Enough

Metaverse, although there are both titles and revenue, will not arrive by 2022 or, consequently, within the five-year window. Metaverse is still a clearer word and vision than the ultimate goal of having a specific date of arrival. What we have today are a number of professional companies building their own “metaverse,” but these components are not fully integrated, still do not use open standards, and have not fully embraced Extended Reality (XR) – all points of metaverse vision (some may add crypto assets to the list) , which also does not exist).

However, this does not mean that all metaverse discourses are premature, instead the technical companies will continue to lay the foundations and build on this difficult future. It may take ten years for the “finished” form to be developed, but there will be many opportunities from now on. When Metaverse arrives, it will really change the way we live our lives and, as a result, will offer many more technological opportunities, including 5G / 6G, edge and cloud compute, XR, and AI / ML.

To find out more about what will happen – and do not happen – in 2022, download the white paper 70 Technology Trends That Will-and Say-Shape 2022.


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