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2021 Most Disruptive Weapons

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Although it was not technically available for purchase in 2021, Amazon unveiled its smaller, more confidential secrets. robot Astro this year, so it’s still a calculation. With about Alexa on wheels with beautiful eyebrows, Astro gave us the answer to a question we never remembered: “What if Wall-E were real, ugly, and capable of beating?”

$ 1,500- $ 1,000 for members of the Amazon’s Day 1 editions-Astro program is paid for and advertised as a homeowner. And like any good agent, Astro starts working the first day getting to know you, your home, and your family. The robot starts by ‘registering’ the face and voice of every member of your family who can give you a command, and then starts to map your house so that it will be rounded without falling. .

Astro also comes with all the tools known as “Sentry”, which makes it possible to monitor your home by looking at people or events they do not recognize. You have seen this section of Mirror Wakuda kale? If not, that’s fine – this is happening right now, right now.

For privacy buyers, Amazon acknowledges that Astro was “designed to protect your privacy,” recognizing that microphones, cameras, and robot sensors can be turned off manually, and border areas can be set up to let Astro know where it is. they are allowed to roam. But the fact is that Astro is another amazing accessory for us digital panopticon-A regular monitoring tool, designed to memorize and analyze as much information as you can.

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