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US intelligence was divided over the idea of ​​a Covid-19 lab-leak

U.S. law enforcement officials are divided over the fact that Covid-19 was released as a result of a laboratory accident, according to one official.

Amanda Schoch, assistant director of international intelligence, said the U.S. intelligence team “was unaware that the Sars-Cov-2 virus, which causes Covid-19, was first introduced.

But he said the US intelligence group, made up of 18 organizations, “agreed on two events”.

One of the mysteries of the occult is to believe that the virus came from a laboratory accident, and to become more or less self-reliant, he said.

Two other factors were based on biological analysis from exposure to infected animals – and to a lesser extent.

“[T]many things within [intelligence community] I do not believe there is enough information to make one successful than another, ”he said.

Thursday’s comment isn’t really helpful a new conflict for all its alleged role in initiating the epidemic is the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a Chinese laboratory that conducts research on bats that carry coronaviruses.

Another has done repeatedly refused that the virus came out of the laboratory, but the US is one of those forcing Beijing to work more closely with other countries to investigate the epidemic.

US President Joe Biden has called on US law enforcement agencies to “double”Their efforts to identify the source of the Covid-19 epidemic and to explain it within 90 days, amid new questions about the lab-leak hypothesis.

A a team of scientists from the last World Health Organization in March that there is no doubt that the disease has escaped from the Wuhan lab, although the WHO later admitted that its study, conducted by Beijing, left questions. unresolved.

The WHO said Wednesday that more studies are needed in various areas, including the lab-leak hypothesis, and that it also sheds light on the findings of its report.

Schoch said the U.S. intelligence team will continue to monitor all available evidence, speculate and evaluate the latest information to determine the source of the virus.

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