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How Biden returned to the idea of ​​Wuhan lab-leak

When Joe Biden, US President, last week ruled US wisdom to encourage efforts to find out where Covid-19 came from, he gave new life to the theory that the virus may have originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Biden said U.S. lawmakers “linked around two cases” – that the virus may have originated naturally or it may have been caused by a lab accident.

This was the first time that the President had agreed that the virus may have come out of the lab – an idea widely criticized as a conspiracy theory when Donald Trump began to say this.

Modern and ancient officials have said there were a number of reasons why Biden’s administration was willing to publicize an idea that Democrats had previously condemned.

More importantly, the protesters were now free of the lab-free doctrine now that Trump, who appears to be seeking to insult China for not blaming the outbreak, has not resigned.

He also said Biden was acting on police findings. Now they are embroiled in a political crisis for answers.

“Biden officials have now learned about the disturbing evidence we have encountered in the last few months of the Trump administration,” said David Asher, who led a government department to investigate Covid’s whereabouts. “It’s the jaw dropping. And as he said, there is more to consider. ”

A few days before Biden was sworn in, the state department released a statement from Wuhan’s body stating that several investigators were suffering from Covid-like symptoms before being publicly charged. It also said that the commission had worked in secret with the Chinese military.

Critics have not taken this seriously because of the perception that Mike Pompeo, the secretary-general, tends to make ingenuity. People were also encouraged after the protests on January 6 and the opening.

“We thought the paper would not be an immediate topic. We want to write this message so that people can read this if the problems with malaria are reduced,” said David Feith, a former government official.

In March, Asher publicly announced that some of the workers in Wuhan were so ill that he was hospitalized. That was a recent Wall Street Journal article in which three employees were hospitalized, which helped to shed more light on the theory of lab production.

But one expert on the controversy said the cause was a shift between scientists who were afraid to help Trump before the election or to infuriate prominent scientists who opposed the theory. He said this had made Democrats more open to the idea.

“The most important thing that has happened is that well-known experts have spoken,” he said.

In a letter to Science magazine, a group of 18 well-known scientists said all of these theories were “feasible” and should be taken “seriously” until they found enough information. They say a recent study by the World Health Organization conducted by China did not take into account all of these factors.

“Even those of us who do this work within the government did not know how many scientific ideas were on our side because scientists often don’t speak, but you have had some dams in the last few months,” Feith said. events including the letter and the WHO study.

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, also appeared to have changed his mind. Last year, he said science was “strongly proving” that the virus had evolved naturally, but recently it said it was “not satisfied” and contributed to research.

While Biden only expressed the views of a group of scholars in his most bizarre language, their willingness to present their unwavering opinions sparked even more interest in the theory-filled theory.

Mathew Burrows, a former chief of staff, said he could not remember the president saying this, saying he had previously not wanted to be seen if he wanted to force a finish.

“Obviously there are Republicans who are trying to criticize anything that might appear to be wrong in China, which is why I think Biden wants to show that he will not be ashamed to charge them. [China] if there is a consensus in the legal community that the virus came out of Wuhan’s lab, “Burrows said.

Mike Gallagher, the Republican legislator who drafted a memorandum of understanding, said Biden appeared to be responding to political concerns, especially when his team members asked China to allow a clear investigation – which experts believe Beijing will allow.

“Biden was feeling pressured,” Gallagher said. “She felt a little better… But it was a good choice.”

One source said the National Intelligence Council, which includes information from the entire intelligence team, released two reports last year on US intelligence attempts on Covid’s origins. The world’s intelligence director declines to comment.

This experiment, combined with the third “refusal” of the wise men this year, resulted Biden say last week that two of the 18 branches of the technology community were based on their origins, while a third party was more interested in the idea of ​​the bottle.

Biden said the three had “little or no confidence” in their finale while other branches did not have enough evidence. This has raised concerns that 90 days is not enough to get the archivists to make their decision.

“All these people are not able to achieve anything we can say for sure,” said Paul Pillar, a former CIA official. “The fact that many of the organizations involved in the project are not united even though they think they are ‘not really confident’ tells you that they are far from anything that is certain.”

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